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    I am actually not a fan of teenage romances, but I like that you try to explain how the charakter feels while kissing and try to let us be part of the kiss. It's kind of confusing, when you swap between Renees' and James' view. When your story becomes more complex you need in such stories to be clear( you could make it work when this story tries to put the diaries of James and Renee together). Last point is that I think the mother to stupid, because she never knows whats going on and the father is just cruel (doesnt talk with daughter, although he havent seen her for ?12? years). The situation with the father is almost kafkaesque. I can only repeat: Despite I am not a fan of teenage romances (my first one), I enjoyed reading it.
    Dear, BF
    Dear, BF
    "This is the story of my life. Well I wouldn't call it life more like love life. Hi, my name is Renee Marie Kohl. And this is the story of how I found my true love." All she wanted was to tell him...
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    Thanks a lot I love it when people comment and suggest things :D
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