Unreasonable Roman

The eldest son of the seemingly normal, yet corrupted family.
This is fiction that might be possible in reality. Please share your opinion with me.


2. My words within the Family

My words within the family

I am Meager Roman, an immigrant from the fictional nation known as the Atlantis. You don't have to worry about the minor details of the settings and such. This is a fast-paced, simple, straightforward situations to gather your opinions. This is work of fiction. 

Settings: An apartment.

Family: Mr. Roman, Mrs. Roman, Meager Roman, Lucy Roman

Mr. Roman: *Working to the entrance* Hey, Meager, see me in the dinner table.

Meager Roman: *Gulps* Yes, sir!

(Few minutes later)

Mr. Roman: I see that you have 96 in your math test and how it lowered your average to 99. What in the world have you been doing?

Meager Roman: I have been studying, sir!

Mr. Roman: Stop with that stupid sir thing. Your mom told me to lower my temper on you. Consider yourself lucky for me to be in my lucky mood. Understand? 

Meager Roman: Yes, sir!

(In Lucy's case)

Mr. Roman: Hey, Lucy, I saw that you had a 86 on your grade book.

Lucy: *Move slowly* Um... Yes?

Mr. Roman: Its alright! Just do better next time. Its your birthday week, isn't it?

Lucy: Okay!

Meager Roman: *What the )!#@*

Afterward: Lucy(Birthday) > Meager(Higher Grade/Average)

Fun Fact: Meager Roman's birthday was ruined seven years in a row.

First birthday: Had to unbox all of the items from the move. Was grounded for complaining.

Second birthday: Forgot the reason... Work probably. 

Third Birthday: Had to move again. Was punished for complaining and whining.

Fourth Birthday: Was punished for acting shy in the parental meeting. Had to clean the entire house.

Fifth Birthday: Celebrated with roommates that weren't exactly nice.

Sixth Birthday: Had to move to a small house and did nothing special until the last hours.

Seventh Birthday: Did nothing special until the last hours. The cake was totally meager.

All of these birthdays were made up at the last minute. By the way, Meager never had a birthday party ever since he was five. How do you think about that? Do you agree that Mr. Roman is bad? Share your opinion. 

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