Being Related To Harry Styles

Paige Hawthorn is Harry Styles cousin. When Paige gets rapped what happens when Harry finds out? Watch as Paige goes through the struggles of life being on tour with One Direction. Will she fall In love? Or will she wined up hating them? I guess you'll have to read to find out.


8. Chapter 8

Paige's P.O.V

We stood in the lobby of the hotel waiting to get our room keys. I saw Lou across the room so I walked up to her and stuck my hand out "hi I'm Paige I'll be your new assistant" I said

She smiled big and shook my hand "hi I'm Lou it's great to finally get to meet you. Harry talks a lot about you" she said

"I hope only good things" I said then laughed and he joined me. Louis handed Lou a baby girl and said " she's hungry" Lou laughed and said "she's always hungry"

"Here's your room key Paige" Paul said handing me my key "thanks" I said. Me and Paul met at the airport earlier. I started walking towards the elevator and saw it was closing so I ran to catch it but someone stuck there hand in the middle to keep it from closing.

"Thanks" I said when I got in and realized it was just Zayn in the elevator "no problem doll" he said. I've always wondered why he called me that "doll" it's just weird. "What floor?" He asked "20" I said "oh nice you get to be on the same floor as the band. Well aren't you special" he said then laughed I laughed with him "well I guess so huh?" I said. The elevator doors opened on our floor and I walked to my room. I saw that Zayn was 2 doors down and I think Niall is on my left because there is a room servos lady outside his room. I laughed quietly knowing we've only been here for 30 mins and he's already eating. I walked into my room an through my stuff down. I laid down on the bed and was about to fall asleep when my phone started ringing I look at the called ID and saw it was Harry "hello" I said "hey Paigie we have to meet in the lobby in 20 so get ready because it's your first day of work" he said then hung up. I went into the bathroom and changed into black shinny jeans and a white V-neck I let my hair fall into it's natural curls and looked into the mirror. I was satisfied with what I saw so I went back into my room and put on white Vans. I grabbed my purse and walked out the door. Louis was walking out of his room which was on my right "hey" he said "hey" I said in response "are you excited for your first day?" He asked " a little I'm more nervous though" I said "don't be you'll do great and we won't give you a hard time" he said. We got into the elevator and went down to the lobby where everyone was waiting. Me and Louis were talking and laughing quite loud at our jokes and I felt someone watching me so I looked around the room and saw Zayn staring at me. We made eye contact but he quickly looked away so I just went back to talking to Louis. "Alright everyone load up" Paul yelled over the crowd. We walked outside and there was a ton of girls. The guys stopped to take pictures and talk to the fans then we got in the limo and headed to the stadium.

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