Being Related To Harry Styles

Paige Hawthorn is Harry Styles cousin. When Paige gets rapped what happens when Harry finds out? Watch as Paige goes through the struggles of life being on tour with One Direction. Will she fall In love? Or will she wined up hating them? I guess you'll have to read to find out.


40. Chapter 38


Tonight is the concert and we were all at the stadium getting ready for it. I was in the dressing room picking out the boys clothes and ironing them. They were all hanging out in there including 5SOS. "So Paige how long have you been working for One Direction?" Michael asked "umm about 6 months" I said since I'm 6 months pregnant "neat and how far along are you?" He asked "6 months" I said "oh I see" he said looking at Niall "oh no it's not like that" Niall said but Michael cut him off "no it's fine you don't need to explain" he said with a smirk. Ashton gave Michael a look which then made Michael shut up. "Zayn can you come try this on for me?" I asked him holding out an outfit "yeah sure" he said getting up from the couch. He took his clothes off and put on the ones I have him. I stepped back to look at the outfit. "Take the shirt off real quick" I said and then started looking through the racks for a new one. I handed him another one with a leather jacket. He put then on and I stepped back to see "perfect" I said. He smiled then took them off and handed them to me so I could iron them "so where are y'all from in Australia?" I asked while ironing "Sydney" Calum said "oh nice" I said "yeah it's a great place" Luke said "we should do something fun" Louis said "like what?" Harry asked "LETS PLAY HIDE AND GO SEEK!" Louis stood up and shouted "NOT IT!" Ashton yelled which then made everyone else yell "not it" "Harry you were lasted so your it" Liam said while patting is shoulder "aww why do I always have to be it?" He whinnied "cause you talk slow" Niall said which made everyone laugh "sorry mate" Zayn said then they all ran out. "Well aren't you gonna go and hide?" Harry asked me "I can't I have to finish ironing Zayns clothes" I said "oh nonsense you can do that later now go hide before I call Paul in here and carry you to a hiding spot" he said "fine" I said then laughed. I turned the iron off and left to go hide. I heard him start counting. This place is huge where am I gonna hide! I kept walking and turning corners not knowing where I was going until I found myself behind the stage. I walked out to were the rows and rows of chairs are "psst" I heard someone say "over here" I turned around and saw Ashton under the stage covered by the black curtain. He waved me over so I quickly went over there knowing Harry is probably already looking for us. He lifted the curtain so I could crawl under. I got comfy and waited until something happened. "Do you have your phone with you?" He whispered "yeah?" I said a bit confused "can I see it?" He asked. I nodded and pulled it out of my back pocket. He was looking over my shoulder as I typed my password in and when I was down he snatched it out of my hands. He was doing something on it for at least a minute then locked the screen and handed it back to me. His phone then vibrated and he pulled it out and started doing something on it. There was a loud noise then we heard Harry say "I found you" and then someone huffed and then it got quiet again. Ashton held a finger to his mouth to let me know to be quiet. Harry's shadow walked right past the stage and then we heard a thud above us. Ashton pointed to the stage above us and I nodded. Then we heard a door shut. We both let out a deep breath and he pulled is phone back out. I felt mine vibrate so I looked at it and it was from "Your Pony" I looked at it for a minute cause I didn't understand who that was then I opened it.

A= Ashton P = Paige

A: do you think he'll ever find us?

I smiled then looked at Ashton

P: I don't think so

A: how long have we been hiding?

P: about 20 mins

A: uh I don't have the patience for this

P: just give it a few more minutes and if he doesn't find us we'll make our way to base

A: ok

So we sat there for a few more minutes just waiting and waiting and still nothing "can we go now?" He whispered "fine" I said. So we crowded out from under the stage and he helped me up. We then began making our way back to the dressing room and as we got closer we heard people laughing an talk. When we got in there everyone was sitting around talking and eating including Harry "you guys forgot about us!" Ashton said "no we didn't Harry just didn't feel like looking for y'all" Luke said. We both looked at Harry and he gave us this cheesy smile with his mouth full of food. I rolled my eyes then looked around for a place to sit. My eyes landed on Niall and he patted his lap for me to sit so I walked over there and snuggled in. " how much longer until the concert?" Zayn asked. Liam looked at his watch "about 4 hours" he said "I'm hungry" Niall said "we should order pizza" Calum said "I'll ask Paul to order us one" Louis said. He pulled out his phone and texted Paul and few seconds later he got a response "he said he would" Louis said "yay!" Niall shouted. I remembered Zayns clothes so I went to get up but Niall pulled be back down "stay with me" he whispered in my ear, I smiled and cuddled back in and layer my head on his chest "a few more minutes" I whispered. He kissed my head the laid his chin on it. The boys began talking about tonight and asking if 5SOS was nervous and they all said yes. Calum started drinking his 3rd red bull which must be a nervous habit. Paul came in with the pizza and put it on the counter. Niall lifted me up and put me back in the couch then ran to the pizza. He came back with 2 plates and 2 cans of soda. I scooted over so he could sit he handed me my plate and drink then wrapped his free arm around me. He's always touching me in some way as if someone was gonna take me away but it's kinda cute. We are our pizza then I went back to ironing Zayns clothes. Then it was time for me and Lou to do there hair. When I was done I gave the boys there clothes and made sure they look great. It was now time for them to go back stage so they could hear 5SOS for there first concert. I went with them back stage and thy were really good. They boys cheered them on then it was time for them to go on. I gave Niall a good luck kiss Then he went on. I told the boys they did great then we all went into the crowd to watch.

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