Being Related To Harry Styles

Paige Hawthorn is Harry Styles cousin. When Paige gets rapped what happens when Harry finds out? Watch as Paige goes through the struggles of life being on tour with One Direction. Will she fall In love? Or will she wined up hating them? I guess you'll have to read to find out.


34. Chapter 33


Me and Niall were in our room laying in bed treasuring our last day off. Tomorrow morning we leave to go back on tour. "What time is it babe?" Niall asked, I sat up to look at the clock "2:30" I said "we really need to start packing" we haven't even started packing yet "yeah but i don't want to get up" I said looking up at him, he smiled "alright 5 more minutes but then we have to get up" he said "just 5?" I asked making puppy dog eyes "don't do that with me" he said and turned his face so he couldn't see me. I sighed then got out of bed "what are you doing? We still have 3 more minutes" he said sitting up. "Yeah well I figured if I get it done now then we can get back in bed for the rest of the day" I said with a smile "Paige it's your last day with Eleanor don't you wanna spend it with her?" He ask. My smile faded as I realized that I won't see Eleanor until she finishes school which is like 3 weeks. We are always together and we've never been apart that long even though it's not that long it will feel like it. I nodded my head and then went into the closet. I pulled out my brand new suitcases and opened both of them. I started taking down all my clothes and taking them off hangers. I can't bring all my clothes but I will take all my new ones. I folded then neatly and put them in my suitcase I laid out something for me to wear tomorrow and then went over to my dresser to get my undergarments and put then in my other suitcase along with PJs and hair stuff. I put mine and Nialls toiletries in one bag and then put my makeup in my carry on bag. Niall joined me and started packing his stuff. I went to the bedroom to get a few things and put them in my bag. I left my room then walked down to Louis and Eleanor's room. I knocked on the door and Louis answered "hey Paige you need something?" He asked "yeah could I talk to Eleanor?" I asked, he nodded his head then stepped aside for me to come in. All the bedrooms in this house are different I think Liam said that they all designed there own rooms and how the layout is. I walked towards there closer and found Eleanor sitting on the floor packing up all of her stuff. She's moving in with a friend until she's done with classes then she's coming on your with us. "Hey Paige what's up?" She asked patting the spot beside her. I at down and started helping her fold clothes. "I was wondering if you wanted to do something today?" I asked. "Yeah like what?" She asked " I don't know maybe go see a movie and get dinner or something" i said "yeah sounds fun let me finish packing and then we can go" she said smiling at me. I nodded then stood up. I waved to Lou as I walked out I went back to my room and saw Niall laying on the bed I crawled in beside him and laid my head on his chest. "Me and El are going out later" I said "but maybe we should make it a double date because I didn't realize until now that it's Louis last day with her too" I said then looked up at him. I took in all of his beautiful features, I could just look at him all day. "Yeah that will be fun I'll go talk to Lou" he said getting up and leaving. Eleanor came in a few minutes after he left and got in the bed with me "I'm really gonna miss you" she said "I'll miss you too but its only 3 weeks" I said looking at her "yeah then we can spend everyday together" she said, we both giggled "the tour will be so much fun having all of the girls with us well Perrie will be here off and on but still he will be with us some" I said "yeah it's will be a lot of fun" she said smiling at the ceiling.

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