Being Related To Harry Styles

Paige Hawthorn is Harry Styles cousin. When Paige gets rapped what happens when Harry finds out? Watch as Paige goes through the struggles of life being on tour with One Direction. Will she fall In love? Or will she wined up hating them? I guess you'll have to read to find out.


21. Chapter 20


"Hi I'm Eleanor" the brunette said "hey I'm Paige" I said "your Nialls girlfriend right?" She asked "yeah" I smiled "so are you and Louis dating?" I asked "no well not yet anyways" she grinned "but I have a feeling it will come to that soon" she looked back at Louis as we started walking down the sidewalk. Surprisingly we weren't getting swarmed by fans. "So where are you from?" I asked "Manchester, I'm here with a few classmates for a history project. Every group had to choose a country and right a report on it's history and it's culture so we thought what better way of doing that then actually coming here. We have a few weeks off so we came down" she said "oh that's cool. Good luck on that. So where are your other classmates?" I asked "thanks and we all split up and are doing our own thing since we've already finished it" she said "so guys where do we want to go first?" Zayn asked "well we should just keep walking and hit some stores so we could shop" Harry said "alright that sounds good then we could get dinner later when we finish" Liam said "we should fine a Starbucks as well" Eleanor said. I'm really beginning to like her. She's a really nice girl. "Of course we can't have a shopping day without a Starbucks" Louis said walking beside her. She smiled at him and looked at the ground. Niall came up beside me and locked his fingers with mine. "Today should be fun" he said "yeah I think it will be" I smiled "so is it nice having another girl around?" He asked "yes! She's really sweet too. Louis picked a good one I think" I said. He smiled at me and I looked over at Louis and Eleanor there holding hands. I nudged Niall and gestured towards them. He smiled and then turned to Zayn and whispered something to him. They bother busted out laughing and then started there own conversation. "So did you talk to Niall yet?" Harry asked me "yes I did and he said he would love too" I smiled "see I told you he would" Harry said smirking at me "yeah, yeah whatever" I said and rolled my eyes. He chuckled and then started talking to Eleanor. We walked into a store called High Top. Me and Eleanor went to the women's while the guys went to the men's. We started looking through the racks and I found several cute tops "so I saw you and Louis" I said winking at her. She blushed "I don't know if we are a thing or what. I mean he hasn't asked me out yet but he held my hand" she said "just give him some time. I'm sure he will" I said "so how about you and Niall?" She asked "well Me and Niall are doing great things are really getting serious between us" I said still looking through the racks "how so?" She asked looking up at me for a brief second. "Well a little over a month ago I was rapped but I don't know who by and a few weeks ago I found out I'm pregnant. I decided I would keep the baby obviously and Niall said he would be the father even though it's not his by blood he will adopt it" I said not taking my eyes off the racks "oh I'm so sorry but I'm glad that things are working out between you two" she smiled "yeah me too" I smiled back at her. "Are y'all almost ready?" Harry asked walking towards us "yeah I am what about you El?" I asked her "yeah I am" she replied "well look at you two already coming up with nicknames for each other" Louis said walking up behind Harry. I looked at Eleanor and smiled she returned the smile. I have a feeling that we're gonna be best friends.

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