Being Related To Harry Styles

Paige Hawthorn is Harry Styles cousin. When Paige gets rapped what happens when Harry finds out? Watch as Paige goes through the struggles of life being on tour with One Direction. Will she fall In love? Or will she wined up hating them? I guess you'll have to read to find out.


20. Chapter 19


I woke up in Nialls arms. I came to his room late last night and we ate some popcorn chicken that he had ordered from room service. We watched Thor and then went to bed. Today was everybody's day off so we got to sleep in which is nice because I get to be with Niall all day. "Good morning beautiful" Niall said then kissed my head "good morning" I smiled at him. "I talked to management yesterday at the meeting and they said that we could start sharing a room. Probably because it's less money on there half" he smiled then laughed. I sat up and looked at him with a big smile "are you serious?" I asked getting excited "yep but they said no funny business because they don't want to hear us late at night" he smirked "whatever we can't anyways " I said punching is shoulder. He laughed and then pulled me back down. I laid my head on his chest and he put his arm around me. We laid there silent not saying a word. It was so peaceful. *RING RING* Niall groaned and then picked his phone off the table "it's Louis" he said then answered it " that sounds fun. What time?....alright we'll be down soon...shut up!...yeah, yeah, yeah...bye Louis" he said then hung up "what was that all about?" I asked "the boys want to do something today. They said maybe tour the city" he said "that sounds like fun. When?" I asked "whenever we're ready" he said getting out of bed. I got up and went to my room. I pulled out white skinny jeans and a oversized navy blue sweater. I got dressed and let my natural curls fall. I put on a small amount of makeup then put on grey vans. I grabbed my phone and put it in my back pocket. I left my room and went back to Nialls. He have me the spear key card to his room and I did the same. I walked in and saw he was in the bathroom so I sat on his bed. There was a grey beanie sitting on his dresser so I grabbed it and put it on. I smiled at my reflection in the mirror. I saw Niall come out of the bathroom through the mirror. He smiled at me "that looks good on you" he said walking up to me "thanks" I smiled at him. He wrapped his arms around me from behind and looked at me through the mirror. I realized he was wearing a grey beanie too. I turned around to get a better look at him. He was wearing grey skinny jeans but not too skinny. A white V-neck with his sunglasses hanging from it and a grey beanie. "We are sorta matching" I said he smiled at me "you can pull it off better then I can. I don't look good in beanies" he said. "Niall James Horan did you just lie to me?" I said putting my hands on my hips "because you clearly look way better in a beanie then I do" he chuckled then said " you do look very beautiful today so no I wasn't lying" he kissed me softly then pulled away "are you ready?" He asked. I nodded. He grabbed his phone and took my hand and walked out the door towards the lobby. There we found all the boys talking "well it's about time you love birds showed up" Louis yelled he was with a brunette that was very beautiful. "Oh shut up you can't look this good in a matter of seconds" I said with a smirk "yeah because y'all clearly took your time planning your outfits" Louis said and made everyone laugh "actually this wasn't planned" Niall said "right" Louis said stretching the "ri". "Whose that?" I whispered to Niall gesturing towards the girl with Louis. "That's Eleanor. They met at Starbucks a few days ago and really hit it off" he said "oh how come I haven't seen her yet?" I asked "because she's staying in a different hotel. Louis said she was here on a class trip" he said "oh" is all I said. "We should go now" Liam said and with that we all headed outside.

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