Being Related To Harry Styles

Paige Hawthorn is Harry Styles cousin. When Paige gets rapped what happens when Harry finds out? Watch as Paige goes through the struggles of life being on tour with One Direction. Will she fall In love? Or will she wined up hating them? I guess you'll have to read to find out.


16. Chapter 15


I walked out the door at the same time as Harry. He walked me down stairs and we talked about how my job was going. When we go down stairs I saw Niall across the room. He smiled and walked towards me "you look beautiful" he said then kissed my cheek" I blushed "thank you" I smiled he locked my fingers with his and walked me to the limo. The boys stopped to take a few pictures then Niall returned to me and put his hand on my lower back and guided me to the limo. He opened the door for me and I got in he sat beside me and locked our fingers again. Liam sat beside him then in front of us was Harry Louis then Zayn. Harry was looking at our hands Niall leaned over and whispers something to Liam which made him chuckle. "So what's going on between you two?" Harry asked looking at me then Niall. Niall looked at me and I shrugged my shoulders. He leaned over and whispered "will you go out with me?" I smiled big and nodded my head more then I should have. He laughed then looked at Harry and said "we are dating" Zayns eyes got big. "You better take care of her Niall" Harry said. "HARRY" I shouted "what I was kidding" he laughed. Liam patted him on the back and Louis yelled "CONGRATS" Zayn moved his hands to cover his ears. "Louis there right there you don't have to yell" Zayn said "i know that silly" Louis said I laughed. We had already arrived at the stadium and we all got out. Niall was still holding my hand and walked me to the hair styling room. He kissed my cheek then left for sound check/rehearsal. I sat on the couch and got on Twitter my followers had tripled since I started working for them. I had a lot before since I'm Harry's cousin but now I have way more then before. I was mentioned in a picture so I clicked on it and a picture of me and Niall holding hands and walking to the store showed up. He was whispering in my ear and I was smiling. The fan that tweeted it captioned it "they look so happy together" and everyone was asking if we were dating. I tweeted "yes me and Niall are dating an I'm really happy with him" a few minutes later Niall retweeted my tweet and said "I'm such a lucky guy!" I smiled at my phone then the boys walked in with Lou right behind. "Alright Paige you can do Liam, Harry and Niall this time. See how you can handle three" she said walking towards her chair. "Ok I'll do my best" I smiled at her. Harry sat in my chair first I was running my fingers through his hair with hair gel while he talked to the boys. When he was done Liam sat in the chair. I spiked his hair with gel an he was done fast. Niall was next I combed his hair from behind him while he faced the mirror. He was smiling at me in the mirror "what?" I asked "you look cute when your focused" I laughed because Zayn told me the exact same thing. I walked to the front of him and gave him a quiff. When I was done he waited for me to clean up then he walked me to the dressing room.

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