Adopted By one direction

Haai, I'm Aja... Ashley & I live with our abusive father named David. Life was pretty good until one year later after my Mom ran away with some Man.the
He started with Me since i was the oldest and all. keep reading to find in the story!


1. Sorry Daddy

Aja  P.O.V.

"Ashley where are you... you... filthy pig!" My dad yelled trying to get Ashley to come down stairs  for a beating. " Dad don't hurt her just hit please I want more than for me to get hurt instead of her." I Whimpered "Ok if you say..." He said while punching me in the gut. " It's your fault my wife left  she didn't want your ugly faces you ugly cow your just a mista-" he was cut off when there was a knock on the door. "This better be imporant" he mumbled under his breath as he opened the door. When he did there were five boys their um... ok that's totally normal "Hi I'm Liam and our bus just broke down infront of your pretty house and we were wondering if we can borrow you phone?" "HELP ME" I screamed "PLEASE I WANT MY SISTER TO LIVE" I started to sob " shut up you cow they don't like your fugly face i hope you know that" My father shouted back then with that i ran upstairs and hide my sister and told her to "stay were you are no matter what you hear Okay?" She nodded and I went back down to my spot. The all of a sudden I started to see Black dots in my vision then i fell in to darkness.



Hey guys i'm Marielle is you have ideas you can contact me with

Kik: 1Dfangurling

twitter: Marielle_Butler

snapchat:(sorry i had a miss spelling in my username) mariellehorab

Facebook:(I have two fyi both have the same name) Marielle Butler

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