Adopted By one direction

Haai, I'm Aja... Ashley & I live with our abusive father named David. Life was pretty good until one year later after my Mom ran away with some Man.the
He started with Me since i was the oldest and all. keep reading to find in the story!


3. I slept on a cloud

Aja's pov

I heard 2 voices 1 was definitely ashley DAFUQQ I could hear but not see, I heard her talking to think lovely deep voice the magical voice said "Haai I'm zayn Malik from one direction" "who" "Zayn Malik from one direction" "who" "Za-" "who" Zayn sounds hot I wish I would see him then my eyes started to open I seen a face crafted by gods themself. I jumped in his arms And then I jump back down and went to the kitchen to see Harry and Louis makeing out by my sandwich "ewwwww get away from my sandwich bitches!!!!!"


Hey guys sorry for the long wait I was trying my best and my mom slapped me for talking. Back before school soooooo yeah sorry again I will write more later peaacccceee peps

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