Dark Freedom

15-year-old Jessy is grown up in a orphanage, 'cause her parents had left her there when she was a few months old. She was never respected by the others and they treated her like air. When she found a new family and went to a new school everything changed and she actually found a new friend. But then sommething terrible happen...


2. ~Prologue~

The new school was much bigger than the others I went to so far. It was a beautiful day. The sun was shinig bright and the sky was blue. My foster-mother looked at me out of the car. She was smiling. I knew she wasn't my real mum but I love her nevertheless, because of her lovely way to treat me. "Good luck.", she said still smiling. I smiled back and then went up the few stairs in front of the door. I looked back one last time. My mom was already on the way to drive home, but she waved me goodbye. I waved back and opened the door. I took a deep breath and went in. 

The school was also bigger inside. I didn't know how to find the way to my new classroom so I was looking for a Plan. I walked around like an Idiot but didn't find a Plan or the right room. I was on the way back downstairs when I bumped into him. All my books fell out of my bag and then down the stairs. "Sorry...sorry.", I said a bit insecure. "Oh no problem.", he said with a smile and helped me to pick up my books. "Thanks.", I meant to him. "Sure.", he said, "Are you looking for something?" 

"Yes I'm new and I'm looking for my classroom.", I explained, "It's the room with the number 275." 

"No prob. I can show you this room.", he said. "Ok. Thank you.", I said smiling. 

We walked quietly side by side and I used the chance to survey him. He had beautiful brown hair and striking blue eyes. I thought he was really pretty. After a while he asked for my name.

"Jessy. And yours?"

"Sean.", he answered. 

Then we reached the room and I had to go in. "Bye.", I said. "You wanna meet me after school?", he said with a naughty smile. I smilled back. 



After school I went out and looked for Sean. I couldn't see him anywhere so I sat down on the stairs. A boy with blonde hair came and sat down beside me. "Hey. Aren't you the new girl? Jessy? My name is Luke. I think you are in the parallel class.", he said. I nodded. "Cool. Are you keen on goning to cinema with me? Maybe tomorrow.", he asked with a irresistible smile. I overthought. "Yes.", I answered then. "Awesome.", he said and laught, "See you." 

"Bye.", I said and followed him with my eyes. 

Suddenly Sean appeared behind me. "Sorry I'm late.", he said and stand beside me. "No matter.", I said and stand up. "What do you wanna do now?", I asked. "What about showing you the town?", he requested. "Good idea.", I smiled. 

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