Dark Freedom

15-year-old Jessy is grown up in a orphanage, 'cause her parents had left her there when she was a few months old. She was never respected by the others and they treated her like air. When she found a new family and went to a new school everything changed and she actually found a new friend. But then sommething terrible happen...


3. Chapter 1: A year later

Deep clouds covered the sky and it was raining. I ran throught the rain and stoped in front of his door. Tears filled my eyes and I rang. Luke opened the door and looked at my face. "What happend?", he said. But it didn't sound very interested. "I...I miss her so much.", I whispered. He rolled his eyes. "Jessy, it's four months ago, that your mom died. You should be over it."

I looked at him. He behaved so strange. And that was called my boyfriend. First he was real nice to me but now he acts like an asshole. I procrastinated. "Why do you act like that.", I said, still standing in the rain. He looked at me for a long time. "Like what?", he said a bit furious.

"You treat me like an annoying insect. You aren't interested in my problems... You aren't interested in ME."

He stared at me for a Moment. "Really? That's what you think of me?", he asked calmly. I nodded my head. A few seconds we were just standing there and staring at each other. Then he came to me in a few steps and cuffed me. For a moment I was real shocked then I realized what just happend. I slowly went some steps backwards. I looked in Luke's face. He seemed relly angry. He came closer and I get fear so I turned around and ran like never before. Tears were streaming down my face. For a while Luke was running behind me but then he stoped. I ran along to the parc. I sat down on a bench and cried. The place in my face where he cuffed me was still hurting. After a while I put out my phone and called Sean. "Jessy?", he asked. "Sean... May I visit you... Now.", I said crying. "Sure... What happend?", he asked worried. "I tell you later."



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