Zerrie Tales

Zayn and Perrie meet on the X Factor 2011 and hit it off about a year later he proposes to her and in November they get married. Will they be able to make it the end? Or will their careers separate them? What happens when Perrie gets a phone call from someone will that be the end of Zerrie? Read Zerrie Tales to find out! Yes some of the chapters are short but don't worry they're good!


6. chapter 6

One Week Later

Zayns pov.

Holy crap today is the day! I'm marrying Perrie she will no longer be Perrie Edwards she will be Perrie Malik. It's snowing outside and she's over at my mums house getting ready ad I'm hanging with the boys before it happens. They are all my grooms men but I had to make Jonnie my grooms man because he is Perries brother and Waliyha is her brides made so why not. I'm sure my other family is disappointed they weren't a part of the wedding party but they will understand. I'm ready to say 'I do' and go the the Bahamas!

(Skipping to wedding)

"Zayn Malik do you take Perrie Edwards to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I do."

"Perrie Edwards do you take Zayn Malik to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I do."

"Zayn, you may kiss the bride."

"Ladies and gentlemen I present to you for the first time. Mr and Mrs. Zayn Malik."

Oh my gosh I'm finally married to Perrie my Perrie! I can't wait to grow old with her. One the way to the reception I will tell her our honey moon destination.

"Perrie where do you want to go for our honey moon?"

"Oh gosh anywhere with you will be perfect!"

"How does the Bahamas sound?"

"Zayn are you serious?!"

"As serious as cancer!"

"Yes I would love that. Wow I can't believe I'm married!"

"I know. Well I guess it's time to break down on the dance floor!"

"Haha you can't but I sure can get down with it!"

"Ha will see. Let's go babe!"

As we danced and partied the night away I couldn't help but think about all we would do now. What will our children look like? I have a feeling they will come out singing. That would be pretty funny. But I think kids is quite a while away from now. I mean we just got married and Little Mix is just becoming huge in America! Well I have a long life a head of me and I'm ready to share it with her.

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