Zerrie Tales

Zayn and Perrie meet on the X Factor 2011 and hit it off about a year later he proposes to her and in November they get married. Will they be able to make it the end? Or will their careers separate them? What happens when Perrie gets a phone call from someone will that be the end of Zerrie? Read Zerrie Tales to find out! Yes some of the chapters are short but don't worry they're good!


4. chapter 4!

Today was the day! I'm taking Perrie to the beach and I'm going to propose but she doesn't know which is the best part!! Gosh I'm so nervous what if she says no? Snap out of it Zayn she's not going to say no she loves you!

"Perrie are you ready to go?" I called from the kitchen

"Yes just a moment I'm getting my swim suit!"

"Alright I'll pack lunch. What would you like?"

"Umm chicken salad with crackers and water?"

"Sounds great!" I wonder if I sound too excited?

"Zayn are you at least going to get into the water today? I don't want to if your not."

"I'll put my feet in even though today's a big day!"

"Zayn which do you prefer my blue or red swim suit?"

"I like the blue one."

"Alright I'm ready to go!"

"Ok we can get lunch at that sandwich place on the way there."

"Ok fine by me."

After we got out lunch it was about a 30 minuet drive to the beach. I kept thinking through my head how I would propose. Would I get on one knee? Oh yea of course I will. Will she say yes? Zayn she will stop worrying! Once we were there we spent most of the day laughing and messing around it was a lot of fun but the day was drawing near and I knew it was time. The sun was perfect and the waves were slowly crashing on the shore. Yep here I go.

"Perrie I love you."

"I love you too Zayn."

"I want to live the rest of my life with you by my side." Getting on one knee. "Perrie Edwards will you marry me!"

"Zayn I-I. Yes! Yes a million times yes!"

I picked her up hugging and kissing her. I slid the ring slowly on her finger as she gasped.

"My fiancé!"

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