Zerrie Tales

Zayn and Perrie meet on the X Factor 2011 and hit it off about a year later he proposes to her and in November they get married. Will they be able to make it the end? Or will their careers separate them? What happens when Perrie gets a phone call from someone will that be the end of Zerrie? Read Zerrie Tales to find out! Yes some of the chapters are short but don't worry they're good!


12. chapter 12

Zayns pov.

The year was drawing to a close and Perrie and her girls are celebrating New Years with the boys and me. I'm excited because we a know how to party and it's going down that night. Sophia and Eleanor are coming over. Lou and El made up about two weeks ago and I think they've gotten closer. I'm kinda sad because Perrie is going in tour February 11 and I hope with her being fine until March and me leaving in April we won't get to see each other much. But I know we will both be strong and make it through this. Her new album Salute is a hit all around the world and I'm positive her newly released single Move will be amazing.

"3,2,1! HAPPY NEW YEAR!"

"Happy New Year Perrie! I love you!"

"I love you too Zayn!"

The celebration was filled with laughs, screams, kisses, hugs, and many slurred voices from drinking a little too much. It was obvious that Niall and Harry were completely wasted noticing their crazy dancing on tables. Around this time last year Harry was with Taylor I never liked her. I knew he was much happier being with us than with her. Yep this would be a good year.

"Harry I think it's time for you to head home man. You need to rest."

"No the party is just getting started. Hey Neiller how do you feel about leaving?"

"No I'm nout aboute to leaves!"

"C'mon mates let's go."

"I'll drive!"

"No way! Driving get in!"

"Shot gun!"

"Alright Niall."

The way back to their house was very... Strange. Harry was slowly swaying back and forth humming some Elvis song and Niall was passed out snoring and drooling all over my car! It was pretty gross. When we got to their house Harry jumped out and ran inside. Niall however didn't budge I knew I had to carry him inside. He was the lightest over all so it didn't bother me. I just put him on the couch because I was not walking up stairs with him and Harry was in the kitchen eating up a storm probably trying to get the alcohol out of his system.

"Are you alright?"

"Yea I will be can you get my some Advil from the medicine cabinet up stairs?"

"Yea sure be right back. Drink some hot tea it will help."

"Ok thanks."

When I walked up stairs I heard movement from Niall's room. At first I kinda blew it off because I knew he had a dog so I just thought it was him. After I got the Advil I stopped and listened and heard a voice. Now I knew something was wrong. When I opened the door I was really surprised. I knew Niall was a ladies man but I didn't know he would go this far.

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