The Way You Are

What would you do if you met the most famous boys in the world in a café in London? And what would you do if a breathtaking lovestory arise?
Two girls, five boys, one story!


1. London- The city of my dreams


Wow, our first time in London and even for a whole year. Without parents, I spend with my friend Laura hopefully a wonderful time in the City of London. We live together in a small, but comfortable flat in London. It’s a beautiful flat, with bright colours. Exactly my style.


It’s a Saturday afternoon and Laura and I want to go to the city. For exactly one week, we have left our families in Germany and were looking forward to the common year.

It’s very beautiful here. I can’t imagine we really have done that!”, Laura said impressed and her brown eyes sparkled in the sunlight. She wore a casual, light blue t-shirt and a pair of short black trousers. Her brown hair felt curled over her shoulders. I however had red hair, which is ranging me almost to the hips and thousands of freckles on my face. Just like Laura I was big, but I was wearing a light green tight and a pair of short trousers.

I already feel like we are always been here! The many people, the big buildings, only partially made of glass. They are actually totally foreign to us. Nonetheless I still have the feeling I was here once before.” I answered her and looked around.

Oh that’s sure come from the fact, that you often see London on television and on photos.”

Yes, I think you’re right!”

After a few hours shopping, we sat down in a café to give our feet some relaxation. As soon as we walked in we were surrounded by the smell of delicious baked goods and coffee. The café had large windows, so that the bright yellow curtains illuminated by the incident solar. The walls were painted beige and decorated with pictures. In the middle of the room stood seating of any kind and at the end of the room stood the counter with least ten different kinds of pies. We both ordered an iced chocolate and a huge piece of strawberry pie with cream and sat down at one of the last free table in the corner.

After some time unrest was broken out in the café and people getting louder. I heard two girls screamed and giggled. When I looked up I noticed the reason, at the counter were two guys. But this were not normal boys, no, these boys were Harry and Niall from One Direction! I needed a moment to process it, until it occurred to me that they lived in London. My heart began to race and I had to muster up not to cry like the other girls because this would only disturb them.

As soon as I could I touched Laura, who apparently wasn´t interested in the squeaking of the girls. But as she saw them, I realized, that the same was happening in her, which just happened to me.

Oh my god, Ami, these are....”, she said with a hoarse voice almost to herselve.

I know who they are, Lauri!”, I said with a big smile in the face.

Harry and Niall looked around a bit desperate because there weren´t any free table and apparently they didn´t want to go to the still screaming girls right to them. But as they saw our table, where two seats were still free, they walked straight to us.

The second time at this day my heart slipped into my pants. First I thought that they would change their minds but as they stood infront of our table, I only stared at them.

Hi, you two! I´m Harry and this is Niall!”, greeted us the boy with the curled brown hairs.





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