The Way You Are

What would you do if you met the most famous boys in the world in a café in London? And what would you do if a breathtaking lovestory arise?
Two girls, five boys, one story!


4. Has he already called?


Somewhat sleepily I went into the kitchen, where Ami waited with a delicious breakfast. Have I slept so long? That couldn’t be right, because after our meeting I was so excited.

As I sat down at the table, my friend grinned cheekily.

Hey, did you sleep well? Your mobile phone has been ringing the way in the meantime, it was Niall. I told him, you still sleeping”, she said and gave me a wink.

I wanted to strike her, I looked at her aghast. She replied this look only with a questioning expression.

You couldn’t do...and he have called me and you have said that I still sleeping?! You had had to wake me up! Now maybe he will not call me again”, at these words I almost cried.

I looked at her badly, but she only grinned and assured me that it was just a joke. I was very relieved and was now able to laugh a little bit. Now she asked me again: “Did you sleep well?” I couldn’t help it, I told her from my strange dream.

Yes, it wasn’t hard to hear that it was something nice, because you laughed the whole time in your sleep and muttered something in front of you”, she said and took a bite of her bread.

Well, I talk often in my sleep. But that you hear it even through the door. I’m as always wake up to early”, I said with a sad undertone.

She said to me that it would be cooler in the real life and we both laughed about our conversation. We spoke often about something like that because we just was really Directioners and we would be Directioners forever.

But then I was seriously: “Do you think they really call us?”

Well they don’t want our telephone numbers without a reason.”

We both said nothing for a while then I stood up and went to the bathroom. I took a shower and washed my hair, then I blew dry my hair and changed my clothes. Back in the bath room I looked at myself in our small mirror. I combed my hair and made-up a little bit. Only mascara and cajal, I didn’t need more. It was always too expensive for me to made-up too much. I was just lazy and today was a day, to chilled, ate something, went to the toilet and watched tv, one of my favourite days. As I came into the living room, Ami sat on the couch. Just as I she was wearing sweatpants and a top. Her top was green and mine was dark blue. We turned on the tv. We were very good friends the only situation, when we were always disagree, was the choice of our tv programme. After a short scrimmage over the remote control I gave her the decision and began to dream from Niall’s blue eyes.

I didn’t hear anything she told me, because I was so in thought that I faded out everything. At some point she tapped me in the side, I was startled.

Hello? I have asked you something”, she said a little bit offended.

Yes, sorry! What did you say?”

First, the two boys are looked much cuter in the real life, aren’t they? And second, do you want to see this”, she asked and pointed at the tv. I nodded and looked strained on the screen.

At this moment my phone beeped. Amelie and I jumped on at the same time and ran to the table where my mobile phone was. I unlocked it and waited. A little widow was opened and there was written: one unread message. I opened the message and looked to the name first. There stood: from mum;*. I was happy and disappointed.

My mum wrote: “Hey sweetie, are you okay? You have to tell me all, what are you doing, do you went shopping and do you have met cute boys?”

I answered fast. My mum always knew immediately about it. I think she had a sixth sense for when something exciting was happening. However, I wrote only, that the weather was great, that we went shopping and that we found a nice café.

Back on the couch ringed my mobile phone, somebody called me. Again we were in front of my phone at the same time and we wanted to do a joy substance, because on my display stood big the name: NIALL.

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