Everyday is full of suprises, espacially Valentines Day. (1Shot41D)

Being single at Valentines Day sucks. It really sucks. In addition, seeing all the cute couples walking along the streets makes it even worse for me. Some people do not care about being single and all this shit, but for Neila it was hard to spend Valentines Day alone. I think Neila and I aren’t the only one thinking like this? If you also think like us, you might enjoy this story…


1. Always look on the bright side of live.

I walked next to my best friend May. She looked happy, while we walked home. Near Mays house, I said: “May, just stop smiling like this.” She gave me an annoyed look: “I will stop smiling, when you stop to be such an asshole. It is Valentines Day. Just share love and be nice to others.” I made a grimace: “You only say this, because you are going to spend your day with your boyfriend. Last year you were the same as I am right now. Being single at Valentines Day sucks and nearly everybody knows this, so just let me be like this. You know, that I am not like this not caring persons. I can’t call it ‘Forever Alone Day’ and everything.” We stood in front of her us and she turned around: “Hey, enjoy the day. It might have some surprises.” I shook my shoulders: “Sure.” She gave me a massive hug and smiled: “See you tomorrow and don’t be so negative!” I started walking down the street. My house was ten minutes away from her house and fifteen minutes away from school, so we walk together every morning. I just watched another couple passing me when I bumped into someone. I felt on the ground and buried my face in my hands, when someone asked: “Are you okay?” I put my hands away and the girl helped me up: “Yes, I think so. I’m sorry for not looking and bumping.” She smiled: “It’s no problem. It was my fault too. I lost my orientation. I’m not living here…” I nodded: “Oh, maybe I can help you?” Her smile got brighter: “Really? I’m searching for a little coffee called ‘Cakery’.” I knew this shop and so I brought her there. It was only five minutes walked, but we talked the whole time. The girls name was Eleanor and she was a nice girl. A bit older than me, but still thinking like a teenager fun lover. We were standing in front of the coffee and I was going to say goodbye, when she asked: “Well, my friend is late, so maybe I can invite you for a drink? Just to say thank you, because with out your help I would be still walking around searching for the way…” I smiled: “Hmm, yes, a coffee would be a great idea.” We sat down at a little table and a few minutes later, a curly haired boy walked in: “El! I am so sorry…” Eleanor smiled at him: “It’s no problem. I had great company.” The boy sat down next to me: “Hey. Oh and hell, when is Louis going to pick you up?” She looked at her mobile phone: “Half an hour. I am so exited about his special Valentines thing.” The boy smiled, but he also looked a bit sad: “You will love it, I promise! You are so lucky with him. I hate being single at Valentines Day. I mean, I don’t even know what I am doing this night.” Eleanor laughed: “Neila said the same thing to me a few minutes ago.” The boy raised an eyebrow: “Who is Neila?” I was a bit shy: “I am, but I have to go now. Thank you for the coffee.” Eleanor looked like she had an idea: “You both could spend it together!” The boy totally agreed with her idea and so I took a piece of paper from my math book and wrote my address on it. He smiled: “I will pick you up at six o’clock.” Then I left the shop and walked home. May was right this day was really a surprise, but then I realised that it was a crazy idea. I did not even know his name, but I also did not really care about that fact. I was ready at time. I did not know what he planned and so I wore an outfit you can wear nearly every time. Top, jacket, skinny jeans and sneakers. My dad and my mum were also out and so I was waiting alone. It was half past six and I did not even think that he would still come. What a mad idea. How could I ever think about a boy going out with me, when I did not even know his name?! I took the garbage and walked outside, where I met Jenna and her boyfriend. She was a pretty girl but her personality ruined everything. She did not like me and so she smiled: “Oh, alone at Valentines Day, poor little stupid Neila…” I throw the garbage into the trashcan, while she said other things. Then a black Porsche stopped directly in front of my house. It just stood on the middle of the street and the boy got off. He had a big bouquet of red roses and he directly walked to me: “I am so sorry for being to late again. This day is totally not my day in case of being on time.” Then he hugged me and gave me a little kiss on my cheek before talking again: “Are this friends of you? “ Before I said something, he made a step and stood right in front of Jenna. She stared at him, while he gave her is hand: “Hey, I’m Harry, Harry Styles.” And in the same moment he finished his sentences Jenna and I said simultaneously: “What?” He came back to me: “Can we go?” I smiled: “Sure, just let me bring the flowers inside and close the door. When I came back, Jenna was still starring and stuttering. Harry took my hand and helped me to get inside the car. Jenna found her words again: “Why are you going on a date with her? I mean not even the jerks ask her out!” Then he walked to the other side and got in: “Because I think she is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen and because I like her.” I stared at him: “You are really Harry Styles from One Direction? I mean sure you have his curls, but…” He smiled: “Yes, I am, but hey I am also just a boy.” I looked out the window: “You don’t have to pretend that you like me. I know that you could go out with every girl and…” He interrupted me: “But I want to go out with you!” I smiled: “Really?” He grinned: “Oh, yes!” Then I asked: “Where are we going?” “It’s a surprise.” And so we drove nearly an hour, before he stopped the car. We were in the middle of nowhere, when he helped me to get out of the car, like a gentleman. I looked around: “If you’re going to hurt me, I have to warn you I’m doing self defence classes for ages.” Harry smiled: “I am not going to hurt you, but nice to know that my lady can take care of herself.” “Your lady?”, asked, but he did not answer. He just grabbed my hand and we walked a bit until there was a little restaurant. It was hidden away from the highway and really small, but it also looked pretty cute and nice. We ate and talked a lot. While this I get the thought of Harry as my boyfriend. I know it sounds curious, but is there a minimum of day you have to know someone, before you fall in love? Well, I do not think so. Falling in love could take years or months, but sometimes a few hours are enough to find your missing piece. When we finished Harry took my hand again: “I want to show you something.” He grabbed my hand and we left through the backdoor. We walked five minutes and the we stood in front a huge waterfall. I looked at him: “Wow, this is amazing! How many people know about this beautiful waterfall?” He smiled: “I don’t know, but you’re the first girl that I am showing this place. You are also the first girl who made me feel like this.” I raised an eyebrow: “You are the Harry Styles the whole world is talking about and I am just a girl who isn’t really into boy bands…” He interrupted me: “But you are also the girl that totally fits to me, that’s what I think.” I smiled: “It’s a bit hard for me to believe, but you are also like my idea of the perfect boyfriend. Not because you are famous or rich, just because you have an amazing personality.” His smile got brighter: “Same to me…” Then he leaned over and just kissed me. His lips were soft and sweet, like spring days. After the kiss, we walked arm in arm back to the car. We talk about each other and everything on our minds until his car stopped in front of my house. Harry looked at me: “It was an amazing night, so there is one question left. Will you be my girlfriend?” “Holy shit, yes!” He smiled and then he put his mobile phone out I gave him my number and my twitter name, before I got out of the car. Harry brought me to the door. In hugged him: “Well, one question, do you mean this for real? I know I asked you like a million times, but I still cannot believe it. He took his phone out and got on twitter: “Oh, looks like your friend just told the world that we have been on a date. My twitter is full with questions about us, so the whole world knew, but they do not know if it is true. Give me one minute and I confirm it.” He wrote something one his mobile phone and put it then back in his pocket. He hugged me and than kissed me, before he walked back to his car. I walked up to my room. My parents were still away and so I turned the music up. I looked at my mobile phone. Twelve missed calls and twenty-one massages. Crazy shit. Every call was from May and twenty of the texts were hers. The other one was from Harry: ’I was really a lovely night! What are you doing tomorrow after school?’ I answered him and the called May: “Hey, May!” She sounded a bit hysteric: “Is it true? You and Harry Styles? His tweet is so cute!” I took my laptop and rode the tweet: ‘Such an amazing night, such an amazing girl, such an amazing feeling.” At the same time he tweeted something new: ’And next year I promise that day would even be better!” I smiled: “Yes, it’s true.” She was really exited: “Wow! See, it’s like I told you.” My smile got brighter: “Yes, you were right. This day was really full of surprises.” In the same moment I finished my sentence I saw the clock changing the minute. 00.00. Midnight. Valentines Day was over and I was a happy girl, because I found love, while looking on the bright side of live.



I hope you liked the one shot!

Sorry for any mistakes... I am not a native speaker...

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