Undead Love (A Larry Stylinson Fanfic)

Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan are vampires. There are vampires all around the world. Especially in London. Not only vampires, though. Werewolves, wizards and witches, fairies, demons, etc. The two vampires run into Harry Styles and Liam Payne, who are werewolves. Can Harry and Louis love each other without holding anything back? Or will Zayn Malik, a half-human-half-demon ruin everything? (A Larry Stylinson fanfic with the occasional Niam. Gets kind of steamy at times. PG-13)


4. Up All Night

Well, I guess Harry could see the chemistry between them.

Still, not a good thing to dare Niall to do.

"Wait that's not fair on Liam's part. Liam are you okay with the dare?" Louis asked.

Louis turned to Liam as he said that. Liam's face was red.

"It's ok. I will do the dare," Liam said.

Niall went over to where Liam was. Niall started to lean in and Liam leaned in. The kiss was passionate and sweet. After ten seconds, they both pulled away. They both secretly liked it.

"Is that good?" Niall asked.

Liam knew and was sad that Niall probably wouldn't remember the kiss the next day. After all, he loved Niall. His hair, his eyes, his personality, everything about him.

"Yes that's good," Harry said, smiling. After all, he hadn't expected them to do it and wanted to get them to go out because he thought that they would be a great couple.

"Guys it's kind of late, why don't we hit the sack?" Louis asked.

"Yeah I am going to go sleep now in the guest room. Goodnight everyone," Liam said.

"Goodnight Liam," Harry, Niall, and Louis responded to Liam.

"I'm kinda tired too guys. See ya in the morning tomorrrroooowwww," Niall slurred.

"Goodnight Niall," Harry and Louis responded to Niall.

Niall stumbled up to his room, and Harry and Louis were soon alone.

"He will be out once he falls on his bed," Harry said.

"Harry?" Louis asked.

"Yes Louis?" Harry said.

"Are you tired?" Louis asked.

"No. Are you?" Harry asked.

"No," Louis said.

"Well then why'd you want everyone to fall asleep?" Harry said.

"Because I wanted to do a few things alone with you," Louis said, winking.

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