Undead Love (A Larry Stylinson Fanfic)

Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan are vampires. There are vampires all around the world. Especially in London. Not only vampires, though. Werewolves, wizards and witches, fairies, demons, etc. The two vampires run into Harry Styles and Liam Payne, who are werewolves. Can Harry and Louis love each other without holding anything back? Or will Zayn Malik, a half-human-half-demon ruin everything? (A Larry Stylinson fanfic with the occasional Niam. Gets kind of steamy at times. PG-13)


3. Truth or Dare

Harry, Liam, Louis, and Niall have been hanging out for an hour and Niall was wasted. Harry was drunk but could tell what he was doing. We have been playing Pool for the whole time. Liam and Niall have chemistry between them. Louis could tell. It was so obvious that Harry would be able to tell if he wasn't drunk.

"Awesome! I won again!" Harry exclaimed. We had played 7 games and Harry had won 4 games, Liam 1 game, Louis 1 game, and Niall 1 one.

"Can we play something else?" Liam asked.

"How about Truth or Dare?" Harry asked.

"I am definitely cool with playing that! Yeaaaahhhh," Niall slurred.

"Sure," Liam said.

"Ok," Louis said.

"I'll start! Harry, Truth or Dare?" Niall asked.

"Dare!" Harry said.

"I dare you to make out with Louis," Niall said.

Harry turned to Louis and kissed him roughly on the lips. Louis kissed back, as it was the dare. Harry licked Louis' lip for entrance into his mouth. Louis obliged and their tongues wrestled for dominance. Harry soon pulled back and said to Niall, "Is that good enough?"

"That is good enough," Niall said.

"Ok then, Louis truth or dare?" Harry asked to Louis.

"Truth," Louis said.

"Are you still a virgin?" Harry asked.

"No," Louis said, remembering how he lost his virginity. He lost it to his ex, Cameron. They had been dating for two years and Cameron wanted to really badly. It was great, but a few weeks later he caught Cameron cheating on him with a guy named Ron. They didn't break up because Louis wanted to drink his blood to get back at him. Cameron kept apologizing to Louis and Louis kept on acting like it was ok but secretly he hated Cameron. One night Cameron was horny and he drank his blood when he was sucking on Cameron's neck.

"Ok my turn! Liam truth or dare?" Louis asked to Liam

"Truth," Liam said.

"Are you gay? I am sorry it's a weird question. It is fine if you are because we all are," Louis said.

"Yeah I am," Liam said.

"Ok truth or dare Harry?" He asked. 

"Truth," Harry said..

"How much do you love Louis?" Liam asked.

"I love so much that I would go to jail or die for him," Harry said. Louis blushed.

"Ok Niall truth or dare?" Harry asked.

"Finally I get picked! Darrreeeee," Niall slurred.

"I dare you to kiss Liam," Harry said grinning.

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