Undead Love (A Larry Stylinson Fanfic)

Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan are vampires. There are vampires all around the world. Especially in London. Not only vampires, though. Werewolves, wizards and witches, fairies, demons, etc. The two vampires run into Harry Styles and Liam Payne, who are werewolves. Can Harry and Louis love each other without holding anything back? Or will Zayn Malik, a half-human-half-demon ruin everything? (A Larry Stylinson fanfic with the occasional Niam. Gets kind of steamy at times. PG-13)


1. Not Like The Others


"Where are we going to go tonight, Lou?" Niall asked. He meant to feast on the humans. Louis thought for a moment. Then he said, "Let's go to a club." "Gay or regular?" Niall asked. "Gay," Louis said. 


Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan are vampires. They have known each other since before hey can remember. Neither of them have families so they are the closest things to family to each other. Louis is gay and Niall is bisexual. They haven't had a relationship together because they are afraid that it will ruin their very close friendship. Niall lures in his prey with his looks. Louis lures in his prey with mind illusions. Not because he is a bad looking guy, because he is freaking sexy. But because he likes to do it that way. None of the vampires, or the other creatures, have gotten caught by the humans yet. Most of the humans are very dumb and oblivious. But some of them know things about the creatures they shouldn't. Luckily, the other humans think they're insane and put them in mental hospitals or asylums. But, it is still tough being a vampire. 


They put in their contacts and started to head out to the club.



"Liam, is tonight full moon?" Harry asked. "Nope. Not until later this month. What do you want to do tonight?" Liam asked. "Lets go to a club! That will be fun Liam! Plus, we haven't done that in a while," Harry said. "Should we try something new and go to a different club than your favorite?" Liam asked. "Yes! That would be wonderful. Thankyou Liam," Harry said with a grin. Liam smiled. He loved to make his loved ones happy.




Harry Styles and Liam Payne are werewolves. They also have known each other since before they can remember. They have no families so the closest thing to family is each other. Harry is bisexual and Liam is gay. They have had a relationship together but after a year they both decided it would be better not to ruin their friendship. At every full moon, they turn into werewolves. They roam the streets in the dark and eat people in alleyways. One time, they went into a club and started to pounce on people and tear them apart from their claws. And once the full moon is over, the turn back into their own selves but are naked. And lets say they lost track of time so the full moon ended while they were in there. It was very embarrassing to them. Luckily, they can run very fast so they got to their house in time for anyone else to see them. But the people there had been brainwashed or are in asylums currently. It was very serious actually. The government refused to let anyone to believe that there were werewolves running around in England.

*At the club*

Louis looked over at Niall who was chatting a guy up. He hasn't drunk anything yet and he was yearning for blood. He spotted a guy that was about 18 and had curly hair. This guy might be enough blood for the night. He went over to him. "Hi can I buy you a drink?" Louis asked. The boy turned around. He had sea green eyes and was drop dead gorgeous. "Ok. The name's Harry Styles," Harry said. He then smirked. He was so sexy. "My name is Tomlinson. Louis Tomlinson," Louis said. He went over to the bartender. "Two beers please," Louis said. "Ok that will be 6 pounds please," the bartender said. 

*One Hour Later*

As Louis found out more about Harry, he fell in love with him even more. "So do you have a boyfriend?" Harry asked. He didn't. Louis said to Harry, "No I'm single right now." He was going to pass out soon if he didn't drink any blood soon. Harry smirked. Then Harry pushed his lips against Louis' lips. This is the time that I take his blood Louis thought. Louis kissed Harry back. Louis let Harry slip his tongue in Louis' mouth. "Why don't we take this upstairs?" Harry asked. Louis nodded. Once they got upstairs, Louis started playing mind tricks on Harry. Harry immediately stopped what he was doing and looked at Louis. "Your a vampire, aren't you?" Harry asked. How did he figure it out. "Yea, but how did you figure that out?" Louis asked. "Well, I am a werewolf. So I know what its like when vampires play mind tricks," Harry said.

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