Undead Love (A Larry Stylinson Fanfic)

Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan are vampires. There are vampires all around the world. Especially in London. Not only vampires, though. Werewolves, wizards and witches, fairies, demons, etc. The two vampires run into Harry Styles and Liam Payne, who are werewolves. Can Harry and Louis love each other without holding anything back? Or will Zayn Malik, a half-human-half-demon ruin everything? (A Larry Stylinson fanfic with the occasional Niam. Gets kind of steamy at times. PG-13)


2. Just Getting Started

"Ok then. This is it? We will never see each other again?" Louis asked disappointed. "No. How about we all hang out tonight? Oh, and here's my number so we can talk again," Harry said while scribbling down his phone number. He handed it to Louis. "What do you mean 'we all'?" Louis asked. "My best friend Liam came with me," Harry said. "Ok and my friend Niall that came with me can come too, right?" Louis asked. "Of course," Harry said grinning. "Great but we can't leave right now. I haven't eaten anything all night!" Louis exclaimed. "Ok," Harry said.

They both went downstairs to the main part of the club. Louis looked around for Niall. He found him talking to another guy. "See the boy with the blonde hair and blue eyes? Thats Niall," Louis said to Harry pointing at Niall. They went over to Niall. "Niall this is my friend Harry. We are going to leave the club with him and his friend Liam after I get something to eat. Get to know each other while I am gone, alright?" Louis asked. "Ok Lou," Niall said. Louis looked around and saw a tall brunette with grey eyes. He went over to him and tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around and slurred, "Mind if I kiss you you sexy beast?" He was clearly drunk. Before Louis could answer, he felt the boy's lips on his lips. When the boy was done kissing him, Louis asked, " What is your name?" "Ken," the boy said. Ken started to kiss Louis again and soon Ken's tongue was in Louis' mouth. They went upstairs and Louis started playing mind tricks. Ken didn't stop. Soon Louis went over to Ken's neck. He started sucking blood. It tasted like alcohol since Ken was drunk. If someone was drunk or high, it would taste like alcohol or weed. He kept drinking. Louis noticed that Ken was unconscious. When he was satisfied, Louis was sure that Ken was dead. He was satisfied and smiled. Now he can hang out with Harry, Niall, and Liam for the rest of the night. 


When Louis got down, he heard Niall's laugh. Louis could recognize Niall's laugh from a mile away. He soon saw Niall, Harry, and another boy that must of been Liam, all smiling. He went over to them. Harry noticed Louis and ran over to give him a hug. He then said "Louis! This is Liam," and showed him Liam. Liam was a brunette with a buzz cut and had chocolate eyes. They shook hands and Liam said,"Hi Louis. I can already tell that we are going to be great friends. But literally, I can tell the future and we are great friends in the future." "Some werewolves have special powers. Like Liam can tell the future when he touches someone and I can read minds when in a conversation," Harry said. "Same here. Louis can time travel and I can stop time," Niall said. "Anyway, what are we going to do tonight? And what time is it?" Liam asked. "It's 11:30," Louis said. "I think we should go skinny-dipping," Harry said smirking. "I think we should go out get food," Niall said. "Lets just go to Niall and my flat and have a mini party there," Louis said. "I vote Louis' idea," Liam said. "So we are going to Lou's and Niall's flat?" Harry said. "Yeah," Niall said. "Here, I'll give you guys my address so you can meet us there," Louis said. 

**At Louis' House**

Louis and Niall barely made it to their flat before Liam and Harry. When Liam and Harry got inside, Harry said, "Wow this is a nice flat!" "Thanks," Louis said. "Here let us show you guys around. Follow me," Niall said. "This obviously the hallway," Niall said. He then led us to the kitchen and said, "This is the kitchen, my favorite room in the house!" Then he led us through all the rooms until we got to Louis' room, the last room in the flat. "This is Louis' room,the last room in the flat" Niall said. "I'll be back in here again soon with you," Harry whispered sexily in Louis' ear. It turned Louis on so much. "Wait! We still have to show you the outside!" Niall exclaimed. We went outside and saw the pool and hot tub and Liam said, "I didn't know you guys had a pool and hot tub." They all went back inside. "Ok what do we do now?" Niall asked. "Well one thing is for sure, the party is just getting started," Louis said.

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