Undead Love (A Larry Stylinson Fanfic)

Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan are vampires. There are vampires all around the world. Especially in London. Not only vampires, though. Werewolves, wizards and witches, fairies, demons, etc. The two vampires run into Harry Styles and Liam Payne, who are werewolves. Can Harry and Louis love each other without holding anything back? Or will Zayn Malik, a half-human-half-demon ruin everything? (A Larry Stylinson fanfic with the occasional Niam. Gets kind of steamy at times. PG-13)


6. Breakfast

When Harry and Louis got downstairs, they already saw Niall cooking breakfast.


"You are already cooking breakfast?" Harry questioned.


"Well I am hungry right now so I thought I should make me something," Niall said.


"You are always hungry!" Louis exclaimed.


"I know," Niall said with a sly grin.


"What are you making?" Harry asked.


"Bacon and eggs," Niall said.


"Oh," Harry said.


"Where is Liam?" Louis asked.


"He is up but he went to the bathroom right before you guys came downstairs," Niall said.


"Ok," Louis said.


Just then, Liam came into the kitchen.


"Hey Niall can- Oh hey guys," Liam said.


"Morning Liam," Harry and Louis said.


"Breakfast is ready!" Niall shouted.


*After Breakfast*


"So what do you guys want to do today?" Liam asked. 


"Can we go bowling?" Niall asked.


"I am ok with that," Harry said.


"Same here," Louis agreed.


"So bowling it is then?" Liam asked.


"Yeah buddy!" Niall said.


*At the bowling alley*


"So are we ready to start?" Harry asked.


"Wait can I go to the bathroom?" Louis asked.


"Ok but be quick. I want to get this started," Niall said.


"Ok," Louis said as he was running to the bathroom. He was almost there when he bumped into someone.


"Sorry about that," a man said. He had jet black hair styled into a quiff.


"It"s ok. I should have been paying attention," Louis said.


"My name is Louis by the way," Louis said.


"My name is Zayn," Zayn said.




A/N: I am going to start a fanfic on here that is based on the Hunger Games with a twist which I am going to write later today so check that out on my profile. Hope you all like the chapter!



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