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  • Axel

    mumbled "Ugh..."

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    I don't get why parents can't just be supportive of their kids.
    The Lone Wanderer
    vor 2 Jahren
    I know mine hate everything I like, whether it's my friend choice or music tastes...the amount of arguments over Imagine Dragons in my house is actually unbelievable!!! No wonder I relate to Imagine Dragons' songs so much. I wanna dream, but my parents just WONT let me. I'm just here, singing this in my head when my parents have a go at everything about my life: "But I wanna dream, I wanna dream, leave me to dream." I'm taking Photography, but my parents think it's just because Imagine Dragons have a song called Polaroid. It's not. it's because I actually enjoy it. I wish my parents would see eye-to-eye with me for once, instead of crushing everything I like/enjoy. I also got a kinda low mark in a REALLY HARD maths test, but instead of accepting that the test was really difficult, they were all like: "This is a really bad mark!! it's terrible! You need to revise/work harder!". It's actually not fair. They wanted me to give up this site, but there is NO WAY that is happening!!!!!!!!
    vor 2 Jahren
    My mom refuses to understand that I'm okay with Phan and Doctor Who taking over my life.