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    Hey! I noticed that you're not doing covers anymore :( they were really good! I was wondering if you could recommend anybody else? (Or if you might maybe do one yourself?) Sorry to bother you :)
    Asteria Grace
    vor 3 Jahren
    Ahh, yes I did. I just got so busy I couldn't really keep up :/ But below are a couple of the cover stores that I could think of if you'd like to check 'em out :)

    Lavern's Cover Store OPENGet amazing, professional covers within 72 hours of your request! Lavern is back with a new and improved cover store that has more than just covers. Now,...

    Cover Store OPENIf you comment, I publish your cover within and hour or less of your request, unless I have technical difficulties. Covers for any story. Please give...
    vor 3 Jahren
    Thank you so much! :)