Mumble Diskussionen: I'm Back... Ish?

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    mumbled "I'm Back... Ish?"

    I'm back after 2 months! I'm so sorry! I had school and everything was piled on top of me and ugh. Some of my friends were feeling suicidal so I had to talk them out of it and tell them that people are here for them. My best friend's parents are arguing and they sound like they might divorce. My best guy friend broke up with his girlfriend and we're making plans to hang out over the summer. Everything's been really hectic, so I am so so so so so so sorry!!!

    And um... it's summer break now for me, so I'll try to get back into the groove of writing and publishing every week. A few days ago, my mom asked me if I was still on here and I said, "Yeah." Then, she asked me how many followers I had and my response was, "Around 100." Then she said, "You should continue to write."

    I love you guys!
    vor 4 Jahren
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    Glad you're back and not stressed! Take care of yourself babe! Much love to you and your mom is so right!
    ♡ Granger.Winchester ♡
    @[��������] Aw thank you! <3 :)