Have you been sighing over all of the followers and readers you deserve? Then check this out!

Have you been sighing over all of the followers and readers you deserve? Oft kann esschwierig sein mehr Leser zu gewinnen. Vor Allem if you don’t know how to reach out for both existing members of Movellas and the people who don’t know about it – yet!

Thank God we live in 2016! If you know your way around the Social Media-universe, getting new readers isn’t actually that difficult.


Many writers have created a fan page for themselves at Facebook, which makes sense if you think about how often people use it throughout the day. It’s an easy way to update people about your latest frustrations over writers block or your newest trailer for an upcoming story.

If you don’t have Facebook – fear not! Movellas has its own social media: the mumbles wall! It’s a place to share everything you want! Whether it’s about a new story that you are working on or what you did last Thursday. The important thing is that you get noticed.


Would you like to attract an even bigger audience than people you already know? Instagram is the perfect place! Instagram is for the creative ones, and it’s defiantly a place to get more readers. If you are working on a large project, keep updating them about different things. Have you reached a goal, created a drawing of your characters, made a nice working place etc? Share it! By creating tags such as #writing and #write, you end up with a new group of people who share the same interests as you!

You can also use the #movellas and #movellasdeutschland hashtag with the opportunity to get your pictures shown on both Movellas’ Instagram- and facebookpage.


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If you have a user on Instagram don't miss out on creating a post with the #movellasdeutschland hash-tag. By using the hashtag you automatic enter the competion about winning the Kindle (able to read on mobile devices and tablets)


"You wrote your book and sold copies to family members, friends, and colleagues. Now you want to reach readers around the state, across the country, or on the other side of the world. But how? With social media, you can build your platform and reach markets you never imagined possible before. In this book you will learn how to: create your Facebook fan page and initiate active engagement with your readers, use a myriad of Twitter applications to help you economize your time while expanding your tribe, optimize your LinkedIn profile with keywords, tackle Google+ with renewed confidence, build Pinterest pinboards and use them to promote your books and blog, and round out your online strategies with offline marketing techniques."

- Amazon, Frances Caballo



Hast du bereits der Social Media-Universium versucht zum Auftmerksamkeit zu nutzen. lso, have you already managed to use the social media universe to get attention for your stories? Teilt eure Erfolge (oder Misserfolge) mit dem Rest von Movellas.

Wer weiß? By getting your word out might meaning your stories will be discovered by the right people. 

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