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Hey everyone, welcome to my virtual home where I'll bring you all my entertaining stories, lore, and creative imagination. If anyone wants a cyber friend to chat with, I'd be more than glad to. If you want to chat with me, my email is:

  • Steven Will -Dream Walker
    Name: Steven David Will
    Age: 16
    Grade: 10th- Almost 11th
    Personality: Outgoing but shy at first, really nice on some days and very irritable on other days, mysterious, energetic at times, lively and a loner at times ( Likes alone time), very funny and likes to make jokes with people he likes, usually inappropriate ones, a bit of the good type of weird, creative, more intelligent than a lot of his peers and is overall considered tolerable and somewhat likeable by everyone, has a select few friends
    Race: White
    Gender: Male
    Looks: Medium length strawberry blonde hair ( Can be flipped to the side), hazel eyes ( Mostly green), skinny, long like nose and points out a bit ( Looks decent), and a sort of round face.
    Sports: None
    Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Drawing, Watching tv ( Especially Anime), working out, jamming out to music and daydreaming.
    Grade point average: 3.4 - 3.5 GPA average
    Specialty Subject: English and all types of History
    Sexuality: Gay or bi ( Not quite sure yet)
    Home life: A bit dramatic but usually stays in his room by himself, playing music real loud ( All genres pretty much especially pop and light/ heavy rock!) Life is pretty uneventful for him but he wants to be an adult and do adult things! ( Which means secretly breaking the rules and usually not getting caught because he is like a sneaking god..)
    Talents: Writing stories and poetry, Drawing, Digital technologies ( Like Photoshop for example)
    Other: AHD, special education math ( Math for students that don't know crap about math, XD), slightly bipolar and over emotional/ sensitive at times, has frequent mood swings, sometimes gives creepy stares that can scare the bravest people without even knowing he's doing it, has a couple of insanity moments in a very rare blue moon, dirty minded and is inappropriate but relatively modest about it.

    Movellas Academy (Interactive)
    Movellas Academy...
    Welcome to Movellas academy! An academic school full of drama, love, and mysteries! Everyone can be featured!
    Steven Will -Dream Walker
    * He sometimes has ulterior motives to get his way, he sometimes has 'Revenge' plots but usually doesn't proceed with them but sometimes he actually does.
    Steven Will -Dream Walker
    * He never talks unprofessionally, he never really says things like 'Dude, dudette,aye, yo' and thing's like that. ( Unless he's at home, he tends to put on a persona while he's at school but when he lets people in, he will be his true self and hope that they will accept him, as his heart is vulnerable. He had a rough past: He never really had a dad, he lost his sister 'Kristina-Kaye when he was 10, they were 12 years apart, he was almost shunned by his mom for having a gay side and people have hurt and used him, like fake friends, being threatened, etc., etc. He always seems to be on his guard and is very cautious when he is around others. Popular people tend to like him and he doesn't understand why, he usually ignores them or even sometimes treats them like crap because he believes that they are talking behind his back and trying to reveal all of his secrets to the school for drama, etc., etc.
    Steven Will -Dream Walker
    * He is never really in touch with reality as he frequently dozes out.
  • Steven Will -Dream Walker
    Title: Bloodshed
    Subtitle: The sworn chosen shall be sentenced to eternal bloodshed, for there is resurrection ( Maybe try including it and not including it because I don't know if I'll like it on my cover or not)
    Author: Steven Will- Dream Walker
    Type of cover: Simple? Either just a black dark and possibly foggy mist like background with the title rolling down in dark red blood or of a large red abandoned shed in the middle of nowhere and maybe possibly with a gloomy dark inside shown by the shed's open door along with silhouettes ( Both male and female) in a line being carried and taken into the creepy shed when it is foggy and dark outside and that the title would be the exact same as the other option, the rolling down blood writing look. Those are the only two ideas that I can think of for my story that would be appropriate enough.
    Short summary: Numerous contestants/ competitors are knocked out and are taken into this isolated area that is hidden away from normal society and there is the secret society that allows this sick and twisted system to function. All of them must fight to the death and only one of them will live over the course of 24 hours, no worries though because there is resurrection ( They come back every season alive or dead once a year to entertain the secret society) physical and weaponry fighting is a must which leads to bloodshed. ( If you need a bit more info for the cover, let me know and I will give you the link)
    Ideas: Already given
    Colors: Black, Red, Possibly Brown and Grey ( Very dark ( Possibly mysterious) and gloomy colors)
    Featured Model or Object: Already given
    Pictures or Images: I don't know, let's see what you can do with the info that I have given you, lol.
    Inspiration: I don't know, any I guess. Lol.
    Anything Else: Nope, but we will see if there will have to be any redos... Hopefully not, lol.
    Password: Thank you very much, you seem to be very talented! You've got very nice cover works! :)
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    accepted :)
  • Steven Will -Dream Walker
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    Steven Will -Dream Walker
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  • Steven Will -Dream Walker

    mumbled "Thinking about uploading my first youtube video this year...."

    So, I have a youtube channel with nothing on it.... Lol. But, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a everything type of channel, like video game lets plays and other lets play series like the Sims 3 hunger games and more. I was wondering if that sounds like a great idea, even though I don't even have a video recording camera yet, lol. XD I may start uploading during summer break or maybe even possibly during the holidays. What do all of you guys think?
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    life is good btw
    Steven Will -Dream Walker
    Well, that's great to hear.
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