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hi! I'm a 17yr old trans-kid from denmark! i write stuff - mostly fiction and fanfiction although those are heavily self inserts

my fandoms are: Marvel, Mad Max, The iron druid chronicles, snow piercer, pacific rim, avatar and maybe a little bit DC

if you want me to write something for you i'm willing to give it a shot! ^^

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    mumbled "to my readers!"

    hi guys - i just wanted to say i'll take a small hiatus or so until i get my hands on a CaCw copy - i dont remember to much about the scene of confrontation in Buckys apartment so until then i'd like to apologize for the pause of updates!!
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    mumbled "Mr. robot x reader fic anyone?"

    heyo! i've started a mr. robot fic and i mean since a lot of people read my WS x reader series i thought maybe people might be interested in a mr. robot one maybe? it is a really good show after all!
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    mumbled "AU thingie"

    so if i were to write an overwatchAU thing with Genji and Hanzo as kitsune would anyone be interested? i even got some good drawings down if anyone wants to see (and if i can get them attached)
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    mumbled "ShieldandArrows -> EndersWritings"

    when you gotta change your url because a really nosey friend wants to read your stuff ;w; - i'll probably go back to it when i'm sure he'll knock it off - writing will continue as usual though!! ^^
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