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Hiya ya'll.
I'm a girl who enjoy writing stories, poems and that sort of stuff, so thought I'd try and post some here to get some feedback, inspiration and so on.
I am danish, but I'll mostly write in english.
So yeah.. I hope you'll like my writings. [:

  • Rincchi

    mumbled "Ambivalent. "

    3 years agoSvar
    What annoys me about writing stories, is that there are no boundaries, no structure, no limits. It makes it kind of hard cause where do one start and where do one end?
    But at the same time, it's the things I love about writing stories. I get to decide everything.
    And when you get past the beginning. It's the most amazing feeling to just write out whatever comes to mind.
    3 years ago
    You're absolutely right, yet there can be self-imposed boundaries, structure and limits. Using various rules or forms can paradoxically be very liberating as it forces you to think and write in different ways.
  • Rincchi

    mumbled "New story.. "

    3 years agoSvar
    I've been thinking for a while to start on a new story. But I just can't seem to put all the pieces together. >__<
    And I haven't finished any of the ones I've started. Seems like I've hit a wall...
    What to do....
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