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Hey, my name is not actually Topsy Crets, but do feel free to call me that ;)
I'll probably only write in english but respond to-and read danish, i just like english a tad better.. :)

  • Pistachio
    5 years agoSvar
    "Without him you can do nothing" hmmmmmmm.... *dislike*
    You seem *incredibly* intolerant of other peoples religions, when writing that, would god want you to put other people down? or would he want you to respect their individual perspectives?

    The bible clearily states that Jesus is Gods only son.
    yet we are all his children? = we must all be a bunch of girls to him then?
    And yet being a Lesbian is wrong in the eyes of Leviticus 20:13 (mosebog something)
    just a fun little thing, not ment to put anyone down, but seriously, intolerance is not cool!
    Jesus Can
    Jesus Can
    Jesus can do anything. With him you can do anything. Without him you can do nothing. You are nothing. Just a shell of a person trying to do right and wondering why you never seem to have anything.
    5 years ago
    we all make mistakes and Im not putting anyone down what a person does is their business. As long as your not hurting me or most of all as long as your not hurting others. You are the one who has to answer to God for what you do as well as I have to and everyone else.
    5 years ago
    No...actually, we are his children in flesh..Jesus and God are the same...flesh and spirit are two different things...FLESH=JESUS SPIRIT=GOD....Not to be rude, but SOME of the info you got, is NOT ENTIRELY CORRECT..
    sorry,no harmed feelings??
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