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    mumbled "kidnapped by lonelyness, holden by love"

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    Why? Why did i have to do that to my friend?
    i always have to do something really stupid, but why? Now my friend doesnt want to be my friend anymore. my mum has abandoned me from home, my dads in france with her little sweet wife, who is so innocent and hasnt done anything wrong, nope not at all.
    so the only person i had left was my friend, so why did i do that? and how can i make it up for her?

    (My note)
    i am a girl on 17½, just finished high school. A dad who left me and my mum for this (btw stupid) woman, who call herself his wife, they moved to France and lived happily ever after, without even giving me a single thougt. Well my dad should at least be supposed to give me a thought, at least he can se it on his money, cause he gives me money every month, (like he can think everything is good just because he gives me money every month, but its not, you cant just buy your daughter like that).
    My mum she doesn´t give a f*** about me anymore, now she got a new husband, i don´t like him, not because he take my mum away from me, but because he made her regret that she even got a child.. hah yeah that sonds like something i make up, but naah, just a couple of months ago, I was just by making myself a sandwich when my mum and stepdad came down, they looked pretty turned on and were by doing IT when she realized i stood in the kitchen and made a sandwich. She told me to go away and find myself a new family and never come back, because my stepdad is better than I am, and since she found him, she has been regretting i even exist.

    Harriet doesnt like herself, and has a low selfesteem, her mum isnt good for her, and she really regret she made her friend upset,
    the story will be more romantic, almost like a nicholas Sparks story (or maybe) you exited? then you have to read on...

    Dont stop!

    Hariets POV:
    So now im totally alone, but i really want to make it all up to my friend again, but i just dont know how. but in the mean time, i think i will take home to my aunt in London
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