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    mumbled "I'm Not Falling For You: Part One"

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    So I decided I would try Movella, and write my own fanfiction, since I love reading others, so I hope you'll enjoy my very first fanfiction with R5, and feel free to comment and respond:) Peace out <3
    Thank you for taking your time to read it. Means a lot. Heres the first part with a little intro.

    Kate a typical 17 years old girl, who used to enjoy live, until her boyfriend Zach broke up with her 1 week ago. She hasn’t talked much since, and she’s all negative and pick on everyone at school. They’re in the same class in high school, and she just literally hates being young and being a teen, so Kate and her parents decided to send her to another country and another school so she could graduate there, and so she could get the joy of being a teen again, and get away from that smart ass guy who broke her heart.
    You: I can’t wait to get out of here! Such jerks everybody is at school.
    Mom: Look honey, you’re going to meet a lot of fools out there, I can’t lie about that, but you’re also going to meet people that treat you right, and someday you’ll meet you’re prince, but maybe now its not the time.
    You: Yeah, I guess your right. I just can’t stand look at that cheating ass.
    You and her mom start to laugh a little.
    Dad: It’s nice seeing you two talk again. You’re ready to leave tomorrow? You know we’re going to miss you, but were excited for you.
    You smiles a little.
    You: I might miss you guys a bit. You’re the only ones I have been talking with since the break up.
    Mom: So since you haven’t gone to the mall or anything since you and Zach, why don’t we two drive to the target together?
    You can tell moms trying to cheer you up, but every time you hear the name Zach, you feel the anger and disappointment.
    You: I don’t know if I can go there. We’re driving through the park we used to hang out at and the coffee shop..
    Mom: I promise darling, that if I see that son of a bitch I’m going to kick his ass, so he won’t be able to walk.
    Dad: That’s right. Your mom and me can be pretty tuff.
    Mom: That’s right.
    They high five.
    Mom: We make a pretty good team. So what do you say? We can drive by your favorite store to pick up some candy for tomorrow.
    You: Well.. I’m.. Okay.
    You take your grey hoodie on, and follow your mom out to the car.

    Mom: We’re home!
    You carry 2 bags of food and some new clothes and a pair of shoes in baby blue color .
    Dad jumps out of the kitchen.

    I'll post part two as soon as I get time.
    Love, Michella.
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