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  • Melodenia
    3 years agoSvar
    I am sorry I haven't updated in quite a while, but I have had a writers block because of stress for some time. My life has finally started to settle and I hope I can start writing again, also because I want to finish it. I just have to wait for my PC to come back from repair xD
    The Love From The Heart - Merlin Fanfiction
    The Love From The...
    Warnings: Alpha/Omega, Animal instincts, dub-con Teaser: With unexpected events and consequences will Merlin be able to get back up, and will Arthur ever get over his pratish ways and for once help...
  • Melodenia
    4 years agoSvar
    One hell of a love
    Historie Stemme movella
    Historie Stemme...
    Jeg har så mange tekster, at jeg ikke kan vælge hvilke jeg skal skrive. Så jeg har lavet denne stemme movella. Og den første af mine tekster som får ti stemmer, er den næste jeg skriver. Når en er skrevet....
    4 years ago
    Tak for din stemme :D
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