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Um, I'm not really sure to put here...
I am a writer, Obviously. I am on wattpad but I don't really use it- my tag is Lore3225.
I started writing a story when I was in 2nd grade and forgot about it after just a few pages. I lost it soon after. When I was in 4th grade I found it and tried to continue it... I think that is when I really became interested in it... Most people are able to say that they started when they were young, but I am not like them, I didn't know at first that this is meant for me, and I still don't.

What I do know is that I am able to do something that no a lot of people can do, it takes me more time than most, but I get it done. I used to read to my little sister every night with a flashlight under the blankets and I thought that she was young, she was my sister, or she didn't understand the concept of the story, and I made excuses of why she would like it, so maybe I am a little self hating, or something like that. I do now know that I don't have to make excuses or do anything but write to my hearts content.

I have Movellas to thank for that... Thank you for all you have done!
To the people on here and the first Movellian!
(I don't know if that is a thing)

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    When are you updating again?
    Unforgettable - Love Story -
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    Oh my god! I love the last chapter!
    The Old Key Part 1
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    Jaleel McClain
    3 months ago
    Thanks❤️ Can't wait to start writing part 2 for you all. I'm actually going to be working on short stories for a little while because I'm working on getting them into short films.
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    oh, cool!
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