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BOOKs are your friend not your foe , if you don't like books you haven't found the right one to read yet!

  • lizzy wills
    3 weeks agoSvar
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    Good read deserves more views! xx
    Avi Chronicles - Book One Elias is a fairly average 15-year-old boy with a fairly average life. He spends his days at school staring at the beautiful boy across the room and his nights doing his homework...
    3 weeks ago
    Thank you very much!! hopefully as more gets added to the story, more people will be willing to read it
  • lizzy wills

    mumbled " guys!"

    3 weeks agoSvar

    This is massive thx so much for the views I actually felt like I could cry. thx so much
    xxxx Love guys xxxxxxxxxxx
  • lizzy wills

    mumbled "The Whisperer"

    1 months agoSvar

    The whisperers is my latest book about motherhood , sexual abuse and the struggles of being friends with a police officer who just wants to try to help even though they cant .
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