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I have a passion for writing.

I write in both English and Danish.
My content is one big mix of genres and I appriciate all kinds of feedback(negative and positive). You're always welcome to leave a comment or even ask me for feedback for your own personal content.

- I'm female, 21 years old and from Denmark

What To Do When Bored ( TOP 35 LIST)

af , onsdag 19. oktober, 2016
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What To Do When Bored ( TOP 35 LIST)

Right now I'm feeling a bit emotional and at the same time lacking stuff to do most of the time, therefore I'm creating(for all of you and myself) an awesome(or however you look at it)-list of what to do, when you're feeling extremely bored and/or "over the top"-emotional and in need of distraction.

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  • LisaNovelist
    1 years agoSvar
    Hey, awesome story! I can totally see why you used Yuno, as the cover to this story. Enjoyed it a lot and it really inspired me to keep writing. - Keep up the great work !
    Don't Mess With Me
    Don't Mess With...
    You wanna know what's fun? Keeping people away from what is mine. Seeing them scream in pain and fear as I kill everyone in front of them. Watching them run away, letting them think their safe, then killing...
    1 years ago
    Haha, I know the feeling ! ^u^ Still really liked it tho!
  • LisaNovelist

    mumbled "Starting Over Again / Starter Forfra - Thank you to my followers"

    1 years agoSvar
    Just deleted the first story I made on here, because my plan is to actually write something worth reading. So here I am; Starting all over again and hoping to actually create some awesome stories, poetry and artsy stuff. Thank you to those people already following me on here. ^_^

    Danish(dansk) version:
    Har lige slettet den første historie, som jeg havde lavet på Movellas. Regner med rent faktisk, at lave noget som er mere værd at læse for andre, så jeg starter helt forfra og håber på, at kunne lave nogle fede historier, digte og generelt awesome artsy-halløj. Tak til de følgere jeg allerede har fået. ^_^
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