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hi, i'm emeraldhorntail. i love writing and anything mythical (hence the fact that most of my stories are fantacy), i am slytherin and i hope you enjoy my books! ;)

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    I love this historical fiction so much!
    I really like the detail you use in every chapter and you don't try to rush it or cram too much description in which (in my opinion) Is great.
    There is always something you could work on and i think proof reading your work for mistakes would be great, but don't worry too much about that, people know what you mean.
    I feel i could write a short story of praises for your story Elizabeth Marton but i can't think of anything else to write to make it better, good luck with writing the rest of it and looking forward to reading it! ;)
    Elizabeth Marton
    Elizabeth Marton
    This is also a historical fiction. Enjoy! From even her first sighting of him, Elizabeth strongly despises Fitzwilliam Emmerson, the silent, surly friend of Edmund Fitzwield, owner of a nearby estate....
    Eileen Prince
    3 weeks ago
    Thank you! It's good to see that I have some support from you and that you like my Movella. Hopefully any corrections I needed to make have now been corrected (the autocorrect on my laptop doesn't work) and I hope you enjoy the rest of Elizabeth Marton!
    3 weeks ago
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