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Lady Elflock is a project by me, Karoline Hundrup.
All songs are written by me and will be recorded as soon as possible.
The covers of the songs are either photography or artwork by me, unless stated otherwise.
Feel free to leave some response.

My songwriting-story

af , onsdag 8. februar, 2017
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My songwriting-story

A bit about songwriting and how I work

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  • Lady Elflock

    mumbled "Julesang in the making"

    2 months agoSvar
    Jeg arbejder lige for tiden på en lidt anderledes jule/vintersang. Jeg er lidt spændt på om den når at komme ud i år, eller først til næste år. Vil helst gerne udgive en "almindelig" sang først...... oh well, vi får at se. Har endelig mulighed for at indspille musik, så nu skal der bare arbejdes hårdt på at få færdiggjort en sang inden jul, hvis det da er muligt for mig.
  • Lady Elflock

    mumbled "Doily dress and another song "

    4 months agoSvar

    I've been very creative lately... Finished both upcycling a dress and another song!!
    Go check the lyrics out here on Movellas.
    Ps. I still don't know what to call it though- feel free to share some ideas for a title. Right now it's just called 'I still remember', but I don't like that.
    Lady Elflock
    4 months ago
    New title on the song: I was the lost.
  • Lady Elflock

    mumbled "Photoshoot and a depressive poem/song"

    6 months agoSvar
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    I held a photoshoot with my dear friend (Skovlyste on instagram) and I really like the photos we got! Oh, and I posted a new poem/song here on Movellas, but it's pretty depressive... just so you're warned. Go check it out, yay!
  • Lady Elflock

    mumbled "Sunny weather means inspiration ❀"

    8 months agoSvar

    It's a lovely weather and I feel so inspired currently. I am writing songs today and I have just posted a new on my my profile. Go have a look if you want to..:)
    I really want to go for a walk in the forest today.
    Is it sunny where you are? ❀
    Lady Elflock
    8 months ago
    @[FelixWrites] That's also a good idea. You can find so much inspiration in the nature.
    8 months ago
    Thanks, I agree, especially if it is at all possible to be where your story takes place.... Is that you in the GIF? It's pretty....
    Lady Elflock
    8 months ago
    @[FelixWrites] Exactly! And Yes, that's me..:) I like making small GIFs, hehe.
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