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Hello!~ My name is *******, but you can just call me Chocoax, or Jenn! Whatever feels right for you!

Anyways, I'm from the wonderful place called America, but I'm currently living in a totally different country now.

I LOVE music, especially music in the pop-rock genre. My favorite bands are: HCR, BVB, SWS, 3DG, and BMTH.
(Hot Chelle Rae, Black Veil Brides, Sleeping With Sirens, Three Days Grace, and Bring Me The Horizon) I also make my own songs, and sing them myself. I also enjoy playing the piano, and sometimes the drums. xD
I also LOVE anime, manga, and ofcourse: chocolate! I can't live without that glorious piece of heaven. (/*~*)/

Anyways, have a wonderful day!!~
- Jenn

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