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Oh, schist, you actually found me! Well, first thing you need to know is music. The rest will soon follow.

I love Linkin Park, Metallica, Pearl Jam, Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, Bring Me the Horizon, Paramore, and many other rock artists. BUT I also love Lady Gaga, The Glitch Mob, Ellie Goulding, Katy Perry, and a few other other non-rock artists. Also, Disney.

I know my username is a mouthful, so just call me Sky :)

I freaking love my boyfriend to death. Just sayin'. <3

I have the best BFF and soul sister ever <3

I have Anxiety, but that doesn't make me crazy. Look up a disorder before you make fun of it. It's usually not what you think.

I make all of my own covers! I am a graphic design student :)

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Markiplier is LIFE, Markiplier is LOVE

I am not a 1Directioner.
I am an LP Soldier.

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World Suicide Prevention Day

af , søndag 10. september, 2017
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World Suicide Prevention Day
Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. Today we bring attention to the silent illness, the hidden killer, the misguided ghosts. Today we hug our loved ones and remind them that they are loved, they do belong here, and that we would miss them greatly if they left. Today we remember the people we lost to depression, the people who felt so hopeless, so lost, that they decided there was no reason to live, because every day would just be another battle.....

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  • Smol_Space_Cadet

    mumbled "Oooff"

    I'm barely ever on here anymore aaahh
    I want to start writing more again though so hopefully y'all will see me more often soon

    In other news, I have 160 followers on HelloPoetry and almost 300 on here woot
  • Smol_Space_Cadet

    mumbled "Call for Semicolon Submissions!"


    Hello again! You've found the fantastic post where I ask you all to share your story with Semicolon magazine! The image attached to this post will explain the rules and details of submission. I look forward to receiving your stories! :D
    2 months ago
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    Quick question, will you be siting the sources of the submissions? If so, can people chose to remain anonymous?
    Anne Onymous
    2 months ago
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    2 months ago
    @[Tabby_Cat_Magic] yes, people can choose to either have their names published with their work or say anonymous.
  • Smol_Space_Cadet

    mumbled "I HAVE AN ANNOUNCEMENT!!!"


    Hello, everyone! I have a BIG announcement to make:


    Now, obviously, it's gonna be pretty small fry. Because I don't have access to any good programs at home, the magazine will be made in a Google Doc, with a public shareable link. Maybe as time goes on I'll find a way to make it more, well, magazine-like. On here, of course, I can post it as a movella. The first issue is set be released sometime this month!

    So now, let me explain what the magazine is.

    This all started with a simple graphic design project in class. Our current project is to make a magazine cover and two-page spread. As I made mine, I realized...why not make an actual magazine? And so...Semicolon was born.

    Semicolon is a mental health awareness magazine that will feature real stories of peoples' experiences with mental illness. It will also feature helpful tips ad articles, and poetry and artwork!

    And here's the best part: you guys can submit something!!
    That's right, I'm looking for submissions from YOU, Movellas!
    Now this isn't the only place I'm getting submissions and posting the magazine. I am also sharing Semicolon on a lovely app called Amino, as I'm part of several mental health groups there. I may also share it with my own friends and family on Facebook and such. So I'll have multiple sources for submissions and sharing :)

    My next post will tell you about the details of submission. I hope that many of you will consider sharing your stories! :D
    Katie Pharoah
    2 months ago
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    What an awesome thing to do, and such a good way to raise awareness :)
    2 months ago
    there are websites who do cheap magazine printing :)
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