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I'm keepin it anonymous :))

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    mumbled "mumble clense!"

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    So usually every once in a while, I do a "deleting" mumbles streak. Basically, it's just to be more organized and brand new! So yeah, I will be posting about more albums soon and yeah! I only kept the mumbles that meant something to me, or are important.
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    mumbled "bts fanfictions"

    Is it bad that I can't read or write them without getting uncomfortable? Maybe I just read the wrong ones, but I think it's cool that someone is able to stir up a story about them! The thing is, I have so many ideas for the stories, but if I write it, it just makes me feel plain WIERD like I shouldn't be writing it. Like I cana write TV show or movie fan-fics, but a fic about a celebrity is just something I can't do! There's nothing wrong with it what so ever, but I really do want to try and make a bts fic one day, do yoou think i should give it a shot in the future? And when I say Wierd, I don't mean HORNY AT ALL! I mean like the total opposite of that you know? Like maybe I just can't read or write smut XD I get why people write it, but I don't get into that stuff very often - or at all! :D I just don't feel comfortable with the idea of someone fully sexualizing a celebrity through a fictional story, but it might bring light to a lot more people that I thought!

    I was doing research and I saw that A LOT OF PEOPLE read smut more than regular stories, so it got me thinking, why? So I hit up my sister who I know reads sam x colby smut (idk why) and she says she doesn't like it, but she just reads it because that's all that's out there. I'm like OKAY! THANKS FOR NOT HELPING! She said she had read bts ones and turned out quickly because the sexualization part. Like she thinkis of them almost more of brothers than oppa's. Same here, like I like them a lot to consider them as like a brother instead of an oppa, but i still think their hot as fuck, so then it gets me wondering wtf anne, why do you pull the incest card? XD But someone has asked who I would date out of all the member because all members are my ultimate bias's and I said,

    "Probably yoongi because he's more my type."

    I don't favorite him at all like wtf, i'm so confusing.

    well let me know if you think I should try and write a fic for the future - if I can, it'll be a challenge :D
    Anne Onymous
    3 days ago
    no, I haven't, but i definitely will try
    3 days ago
    okay. well, it's freely published so whenever you feel like it, just publish a chapter that you've written. My Chromebook has Grammarly so I can like proofread it for you and it'll underline grammar words and missing punctuation if you want. Definitely helps me whenever I write stories
    3 days ago
    Another thing that helps me is why I'm writing I imagine that I'm a narrator narrating their lives and that helps me get comfortable.
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    mumbled "LAST ONE! MEET ELECTRIC!"

    1 months agoSvar

    (From left to right)

    Jhonny Wae -
    -Age 19
    -Born in south america
    -He is very kind even though he may look scary
    -FUN FACT!- He loves skittles!

    Eli Ochs -
    -Age 20
    -Born in south america
    -He is also very kind even though the tatoos
    -FUN FACT!- He can sing high and low notes

    Wayne White -
    -Age 19
    -Born in south america
    -kindest member
    -He can only reach high notes
    -FUN FACT!- He loves playing with puppues!


    Battle of the Bands - Movellas...(No this is not a fan fic) Santana Dobre's life has always been what she dreamed of. She's got the band, the friends, the looks, and even the talents!...
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    mumbled "MEET HOLOGRAM!"

    1 months agoSvar

    (Okay, this one is a bit difficult to read, so we'll start with top left and then read the perimeter...so read it like a square)

    Alicia (Visual by: Misbo) Age - 20
    Elana (Visual by: Poppy) Age - 16
    Sally: (Visual by: Melanie Martinez) Age - 16
    Riff (Visuala by: Sia) Age - 19
    Jones (Visual by: Katy Perry) Age - 20
    Peyton: (Visual by: Leigh-Anne) Age - 18
    Hope: (Visual by Taeyeon) Aage - 18

    (There's not much information about this band besides their alien-like vibe! All girls were born and raised in Russia.)

    Battle of the Bands - Movellas...(No this is not a fan fic) Santana Dobre's life has always been what she dreamed of. She's got the band, the friends, the looks, and even the talents!...
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