Spring Fever

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  • Publiceret: 13 apr. 2018
  • Opdateret: 13 apr. 2018
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Foråret er her. Foråret har været her længe.
Hvorfor kan jeg ikke mærke solen stråler endnu?


2. Breath.


Hold my hands when you need someone,

I'll gladly be the one

And let's not make promises

You never know when tomorrow comes.

Every sight I let out,

I only hear your name

Don't say anything, not even a word.

The sky is blue

And the sun is shining,

So many tears are now even more noticeable

And I can't stop wondering:

Am I someone who engraved my exixtence to you like the rain?

And maybe you just pity me for loving you so much.

The tears you showed me,

The moments we had,

Everything, it all passed.

There's a hole in my heart

Nothing can fill it up

Your love is just a memory now.

Tears and laughter. Scars and healing.

Questions and answers. They are all in you.

I called your name,

I called so many times,

Did it ever reach you?

Or did you just ignite?

The darkness,

That you and I are surrounded by,

Shines when I'm with you.

I promise you,

We will meet someday

Even if the cold wind breaks me,

Becuase you are the only one that knows

How I like colordul palettes over paintings.

Your eyes that are looking at me

Aren't the same as mine,

It's sad to know how you feel.

I can't touch the sky. Yet.

But still I want to stretch my hand out,

I want to run a little bit more

Thinking at night:

Maybe you'll look at the moon

And talk to me again

Because one day I wrote a letter to the moon

The problem is,

The moon wasn't brighter than you,

So I lit a small candle. But it didn't help.

We have to take a deep breath

Until it hurts a little

Let out our breath even more

Until we feel like there is nothing holdning us back.

Till there is nothing left inside.

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