Unforgettable - Love Story -

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Quinn Diaz was just a normal popular girl at her school. Her best friend was the most popular girl in existence - due to fame. One day Sierra, her best friend, had persuaded her to do something completely evil. Quinn went up to the well-known blind kid at school named Joseph Caddy and shoved a pie in his face. Joseph eventually fought whoever was in front of him and accusing them of pie-facing him. The results ended up with Joseph and Quinn both getting into ISS.

Will something spectacular happen for them? Will they eventually become friends?

(Douglas School Shooting inspired Movella)


14. Chapter 13:

Quinn’s POV

    First the dick can finally see me, then he decides to be rude and call me ugly? My mom already does that enough! I run out of the bar and stand by a dumpster can because I know Alex and Theo are following me.

“Quinn - are you okay?” Theo asks.

    Is he fucking serious? I turn to him, mascara practically dripping down my cheeks. His soft eyes settle down. He pursed his surprisingly plump lips and hugs me. He hugs me like a brother should in cases like this.

“Aww!” Alex shouts, hugging over us. We all let go and I cross my arms sniffling.

“Quinn, I know he’s a dickhead - but I also know he didn’t mean it. Before you came, he kept oogling you like you were a diamond or something.”

    He was oogling me? As in checking me out? As if! He would never check me out blind or not!

“Whatever.” I say.

“No, it’s true - I witnessed it.” Alex adds, nodding his blonde head.

“Really?” For some reason I waited for Alex’s consent.

“‘Yeah - Theo even called him out for it.”

“You did?” I turn my attention back to my brother.


    I guess maybe he was checking me out. how did I not get the memo when he was looking at me strange at first. Suddenly I hear Sierra and another guy talking to each other - aggressively. We come out of behind the dumpster and see Sierra talking to that Darian dude in front of the bar.

Que voulez-vous dire par là que vous êtes ici pour la famille de votre père?” She shouts at him. He smiles awkwardly and looks up at the sky, then back down at her.

“Yes, my father's family business! I’m also exchanging here for a bit too.”

“Why not any other school?”

“Because my dad is negotiating profits with your mother in town.”

    She scratches her forehead. He seems to be looking down at her like she’s an angel that fell from heaven. Theo grunts - oh yeah, they’re “dating.”

“Hey! What’s going on here?” Theo says, walking up to Sierra and wrapping his arm around her.

    Although she revealed to me that they weren’t in love, it was clear that he still kind of is. He gets overprotective of her and all but never likes some of their standards. She is famous after all. Sierra winces and strokes her hair behind her ear.

“Hi, i’m just explaining to Sierra why i’m in town.”

“And he’s buying a ticket back home too -” She adds to his sentence. Alex and I look at each other in confusion.

“That - won’t happen. I have no choice, father wanted to help kids in thee state of Colorado. We just found ourselves in Fort Collins.”

“Okay...but questions first!” Alex chimes, dramatically circling Darian.

“Hit me.”

“Where did you get the drugs?” Theo asks.

“From my father's business I told you.”

“Well how do you know Joseph?” Sierra adds.

“From the children in need site - I can leave a link - “ He starts to pull out his phone, but I slap it from his hand.

“Hey!” He shouts.

“Sorry - that was unnecessary - but that's beside the point - We believe you.” I say.

A/N: I KNOW IT'S SHORT! But ya girl had writers block! Next chapter is going to be a little juicy for ya'll.....stay tuned!
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