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After having a pleasant vacation, a violent storm rages into Newhalem as Cecilia drapes her way back into Elias's life. Meanwhile a wounded Kaylen finds herself struggling to survive a potentially life threatening situation.


"Entrap" 2018





       My mother stood at the front counter looking worried and painful as she tried getting prepared for tonight. It was going to be a big day at the last minute.

"Kaylen!, why you have to plan so early!?" My mother sarcastically argues as she tried getting everything prepared for the party tonight.

"Mom it's going to be fine. Me and Elias planned a couple weeks ago he just decided to tell you last minute. But everyone was invited and yes there all coming I know this is a shocker to you. I'm so sorry mom." I laughed trying to hold it in.

She ignores my response taking it in one ear and through the other like nothing else mattered but this moment.

"Do you have a dress?" She blankly stares at me.

"Well, I mean I.. kind of?" I jumped in remembering the dress I got from Elias yet it was partly ruined and torn apart from the mountains.

"Kind of?" My mother asks as she stares blankly at me hesitating for the thought.

"I need you to show me it," She explains jumping in.

"Well I mean we can wait for that. I actually need to go dress shopping i was hoping i could do it with you and dad this afternoon though," I smile leaving the thought expressionless.

"Oh, Honey I don't think your father would be thrilled for a girls lookout for a wedding dress." She adds.

"Mom I need my dad there." I stare blankly at her trying to keep the smile on my face.

She stops for a second as she smiles at my leaving the thought cleared in her mind and understanding for the part. She seemed rushed as she was but at the same time, she still managed to keep that loving mother smile on her face, hoping to keep the day brightening. After all, it was my wedding day, February 28th. Hmm, I kept the thought.

"I understand. I'll call him to see if we can meet him in Seattle." She adds.

"Speaking of. I need to call Elias he is probably stressed out right now."

I call his number as I sat out looking out of the store into the parking lot waiting for an answer and sure enough, he answered quickly.

"Hey, beautiful!" He rebounds.

"Hey sorry I know it's like the third time but is everything going okay?. Do you need some extra help over there?" I asked as he listened.

"Honey. It's the sixth call actually keeping track. And look everything is great the wedding is great. Mavis is helping out she seems really nice can't believe you didn't talk to me about her earlier. Oh and guess who else is here. I was gonna call you earlier but someone flew in early. Shyla is here!" He exclaims.

"What!! Are you serious? Tell her I love her!!" I scream literally.

"Honey she wants to come hang out with you and Mavis is coming out. Are you picking out a dress later?"

"Yes I am but I'm at a disadvantage right now. I can't seem to get a new one or.. Use the one you got me. I know it got ruined and all but I love the dress and it just has more meaning. Do you think we could fix it up a bit?" I asked seemingly nervous.

"Well, it's shredded from the bottom. You slid down the cliff halfway plus Kaylen. What would your mother think of that when she sees that tear. What are you going to tell her?. You walked down the sidewalk in a white dress like that, tripped and it ripped badly?" He questions.

"No your right. My mother would never believe that. I just thought it would be more meaningful but... It's okay I'll just buy one." I frown at the thought.

"I'm sorry Kaylen I want you to be happy. If you want we can try to fix it?" He adds.

"No you and I both know that won't work" i last spoken.

"I love you," he adds.

"I love you too. I got ready for after the wedding. So if I don't know where were going how do I know what to pack. I have like three shirts and like literally nothing. I don't know what to pack." I asked.

"Don't worry about that. I have it covered you don't really need to pack anything. Just the basics." He adds.

"Okay I'll do that love you again." I smiled knowing I could actually say that without looking dreadful or being forced.

"I love you much more," He last said as I took in the words and turned off my phone. I looked over at my mother who bought extra stuff for the party. She seemed to go way overboard. We had it covered but she as always seemingly needed to go all out. One thing I loved about my mother.

"Mother we'll be fine. Plus guess who first made it." I smiled.

"Who?" She questions.

"Shyla!" I exclaimed.

"Shyla what!!, I wanna see her!" my moms face turned extraordinarily happy.

"Yeah!, I think that she is gonna be dropped off at in Seattle. We'll pick her and Mavis up there and go get that dress" I smiled.

"Lets head out there besides your dad is out there now. However hey did you get packed for after the wedding?" My mother asks.

"No Elias said to not worry about it. Apparently I don't really need to just the basic stuff." I added in.

"Really?. I'm really curious where he is taking you. Maybe Vancouver or something?" She adds.

"Vancouver for a plane ticket mom?" I laughed.

"Well maybe it's California, Las Vegas or something. I have no idea." My mother laughed.

"Maybe. I think Mavis knows however." I jumped in.

"What makes you think that?" She asks.

"Well you know Mavis. It doesn't matter who it is she jumps on anyone's case. And she was going on all over with Elias. Literally begging to know where we were going. I think he told her. She came in this morning after we laughed like totally smiling and acting all weird around as if she was from somewhere else. I don't know I just know she knew. She seemed jealous to." I laughed.

"Really?. I'm have to get the information from her," My mother laughs as we make our way to the car.

"Yeah for sure!," I laugh.

We drove off towards Seattle as the sun shined. The gloomy rainy and snowy days finally passed us. However we still got those snowy days every one in a awhile. The sun seemed to peak over those snowy mountains ever since though. And Seattle seemed like a bright sunshiny place for once. I don't think I have seen Seattle like this ever since i first moved here.

We made our way downtown when we stopped at a cornerstone. I got out of the car with my tight jeans and tight teal shirt on as I looked around the sunny streets, In February...

"Kaylen!," Shyla exclaims from afar.

"Ahhh!!" I scream in laughter as she comes up to hug me harshly. I was so happy to have all my sisters here at last.

Mavis jumps in for a hug as we all gathered in for one big hug.

"So... Seattle.." Shyla jumps in.

"What happened to the rainy cold days. I come here expecting it to be delirious and depressing. But damn. It's sunny and beautiful!" Shyla smiles.

"Oh you have no idea. It was depressing as hell this last winter... It was pretty bad tough times. But it's finally shiny up and getting better." I smiled.

"Well of course it is sis!. Your getting married like what the hell!. I was so happy when I got the invitation." She smiled.

"Yeah I know I still can't believe it!" I laughed away with her.

"Right!. Man Kaylen I haven't been in Seattle in over ten years I think. Or Washington for that matter. I'm excited to be here I'm glad I made it to a sunny day." She smiles.

"I know the gloomy skies wen't away. We need it though. This last winter was the worst i think we have ever had. it was constant rain and snow. It was bad" I smiled.

Shyla glances over at me with that small frown face,

"Why was it bad?. Anything happen I should know about?" She adds.

Before I continued to speak out my mother jumps in giving out the greatest hug to her daughter Shyla.

Mavis looks over at me smiling but glaring knowingly at my thought. She seemed like she was anxious or curious. Her expression made it seem as if she had the thought of something wrong had happened.

"Do you wanna talk about it?" Mavis asks.

"Thank you Mavis. But i think I'm good. It just was stressful." I added.

"Hey I live here now. We can talk, when you get back from your honeymoon maybe?" She asks.

"Sure Mavis," I added choking out a laughter.

I inhaled as we made it towards car thinking about who I was going to invite. I still had to get a call from Aron. I dialed my phone once again to try the call. It rung and rung but still there was no answer. I called once again. it wasn't like him to not call back like that. I was started to get worried. Maybe he found out about the wedding and maybe he didn't like it. I do remember him having a crush on me.

Is this about the wedding?

Why won't you answer?.

I just want to let you know I miss you. text me back when you get the chance.

I leave the messages as I turned off my phone, it buzzed quickly. I looked on my phone not hesitating, thinking it was Aron. But it wasn't. It was my dad letting me know he was going to be in Seattle soon.

I sat up ignoring the message as we made it towards a store called BHLDN.

                    "Holy moly! what do you think of this?" my mother intervened with a beautiful white wedding dress.

"I love it" I smiled as I looked at the dress. I felt it as my mother held it up. Mavis and Shyla going crazy as we all looked at the dress in aw. It was certainly beautiful I had gone up for it until I asked the employer about the price.

"That one is thirteen hundred" He smiled.

"Forget it" I exclaimed as I let go of the dress.

"Wait, wait, Kaylen, Shyla and I were going to pay for it. You don't have to worry about cost." My mother implied.

"Mom it's a dress... not a car. Plus you know you and dad are going through financial problems. I'm not gonna let you buy me a thirteen hundred dollar dress with that thought. You know we should be saving." I tried telling her.

"Honey it's your wedding day. And I want it to be the best of the best. Don't worry about our finance. It's supposed to be a bit pricey today. We can do this and afford it. I don't want you worrying about us. Okay?" She asks.

"Mother I like this one" I smiled as I went over to your typical wedding dress.

"Five hundred dollars... That's the most I'll go. I love you mom, I can try this one on" I added as I gave her a hug.

My phone buzzed as I made my way over to the dress in the cooler fancy building. I picked up my phone it was Elias.

"Hey, I'm at the dress store place thing" I added.

"Hey Kaylen, Don't worry about the dress okay.." he added.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because just don't. I have another plan.. I think you'll love it." He smiled.

"Elias I can't just.. no more surprises." I added.

But I was left with a blank phone call. He hung up as I was about to finish speaking.

What the hell!? You can't just do that what do you think I'am! I thought.

"Hey, Kaylen. You wanna try that dress?" My mother smiled as she made her way up.

"Um... well... Actually, Elias called and said for us to not worry about the dress." I added.

"What the hell does that mean?" She asked confused.

"I don't know... But that's what he said," I added as I looked down to the floor.

"Hey..." My mom added as she came to sit down next to me.

"Are you okay?..." She asked as she sat down next to me holding me tight in her arms.

I looked up at her. My very brave mother who I felt closest to than anything in this world. The one who really stood side by side with me every since I was born and yet that before. She was my one love that would never leave me for the world of it.

I looked down as I thought about today. it was overwhelming. All of this seemed really overwhelming and to the point where I felt like I was about to break and cry. I wanted to know if I was really ready.

"It's just... Am I ready for this?. I just feel like I need hope and I don't have that right now. I feel like maybe, I'm... not ready..." I added as she held me close.

"If you want we can postpone... We don't have to do this today or at all if you're not ready." She added as she held close.

"It's not the wedding really... Am I ready to take on this life is what I'm saying? Am I ready to move forward and still hold on without falling down." I asked.

"Do you not love him?" My mother asks.

"No, I do... I really do. But being what I doing is right?" I asked as I stare into her eyes.

"I don't know. I think that's for you to decide. But what I do know. is that on my wedding day everything was crazy. And hell I felt really overwhelmed. I had problems with your dad before. Ended up doing horrible things in my life before marrying him. I married him because I felt like I had done horrible things with him and I should have married him because of it." She responds.

"It's just that... I feel like... maybe that was me too..." I added.

My mom sat up close to me.

"Are you saying that you have done things you shouldn't have with him?" She asked bravely.

"I mean... I think... But the bad things you have done with dad I think are different than with Elias." I stuttered.

"Enlighten me on that subject. What do you mean different?" She asks.

I really wanted to tell her. but what could she think? About the shack, the depression. The forest and everything that has happened. How could she comprehend that she would think he was crazy. I know this because I thought that when I first met him and all the way through this journey so far. But the difference. Is that I learned to accept and I wasn't afraid of it anymore. I knew the way the world worked. The reality. The unusual. This romance was in the unusual. No nothing about my relationship with Elias was ever considered real. It was an unusual fantasy turned into a reality. I thought about that as I implied it to my life now. Was it something I really wanted?.

"I just mean... well every relationship has problems... I guess what I mean is that we all are doing something bad. But I still love him. it's the same with dad. I know that in the past he has been abusive to all of us. But there are times where I do love him." I added.

My mother smiled as she hugged me. I hugged her back as I looked away from the thought of the past. it was my wedding day. And I wanted to make the best of it as I could.


     Pull it together Mavis, now do it!. Why won't she fucking listen to me?. Mavis!, Mavis!, Listen to me!

   I just wanted to scream out.  

"I know, I know"

Mavis looks over at me as she pulls the car back together.

"Well its just I've been telling you for how long?" I snarled as she pulls in the brakes together.

"It's fucked up Kaylen. You know this." Mavis argues as she pulls the lever back out.

By the time we made it to Fort Townsend where the wedding was set up. Many people were already there. Hell people I didn't even know were there.

Twilight sets as I made my way into the small loft house set up for the wedding. Just outside in the deep evergreen stood a tall dark red brick house seemingly enough like a small castle. Beautiful vines and dark green hedges overlay around the foundation of the house. Dark grey clouds leaves a vastly frozen waterfall as my mother walked me in with her underneath her dark black umbrella into the minature mansion.

    The walls inside leaves off the beautiful feel of garnet and rosewood brick. My mother helped me in as the cold thin air disperses into a warm lush hearthfire.

I peaked around as my mother places the umbrella softly on a dark red leather divan.

"Careful Kin. . . I don't want you smugling my beautiful hairdue." My mother eases her soft cold hands on my hair.

"Is it that bad?" I asked as she fixes my bun.

She smiles as she carefully fixes my braid. Twining her fingers around every soft curl.

"Of course it's that bad. My side fishtail buns are a complicated hairdue. Only I can make it the prettiest. And your hair works perfect for my masterpeice." She smiles as she fixes my hair carefully and slowly. Elegantly as the clock ticks by. I chinned my expression towards her face as I vacantly stare into my mothers eyes. Longing and wishing to be with her in her arms once more like my childhood memories on those cold stormy nights.

"I guess thats why you left dad that night when I was a child." I added.

"Hmm?" She questions.

"That night. Before you left when you got mad at dad. I asked you to do my hair when I was a kid for the christmas party dance. You did but after you left. You did it enough to the point that you did become a master at it." I smiled as I pondered my childhood memories.

"You remember that?" She asks.

I smiled letting go of the thought for a bit.

"I'll always remember that. Its those kind of memories that I'll never forget."

She smiled as she hugged me in that longing exoression of mine. Closely adapting the thought as I slowly let go of her touch.

"Mrs. Stone. It's a pleasure to meet you finally. Your dressing room is upstairs. And the party is just right out back. I have to warn you, it's frozen and rainy out there. But when is Washington not?" The older man smiled as he escorted me and my mother upstairs.

I walked into a colder dim room as my mother shuts the door carefully leaving me in the room in utter silence. Glancing my eyes around the room. A broader yet dimly depressed room with a vibrant white colored curtain left hanging on the window pane creating an opaque view left the room shining a depressed grey color in the empty room.

     I carefully opened up the curtains to the view of a depressing scenery. Dark lush green forests and a beautiful view of the party.

     "Kaylen?" A quiet familar voice enters the dim room.

      I turned over to see Elias standing tall and finely dressed in a black sunday suit.

      I grinned as he shut the door leaving us alone in the room. He makes his way now breathing softly against my neck as I looked out the window.

"Your hair is stunning" he smiles.

"This house is stunning" I added.

He giggled as his lips press gently against my neck.

"I wanted to ask you something personal" I turn around to face him.

"Of course" he adds.

I bite my lip as I sniffed in the cold air. I stare once again intently in his eyes as I tried coming up with the correct phrase, the correct word to fit the page.

"You may hate me for this. . . Elias. I would never in any way shape or form regret the memories and intimate moments I have had with you. But... I want... To forget that part of my past. Because.. I want to start over with you. I want to have those intimate scenes without having to look at the reflection in the mirror from the past. I want to love you with it actually feeling that way. Without having to look in the dark. I want you with all I have. Do you understand what I mean?" I asked hoping he would understant.

"More than you would think. I'm sorry for hurting you. I will be the best man I can be for you, and for whatever makes you happy. I in no way. Want to put you in something you are not comfortable of. If leaving my past for you meant making you happy to start over. I would ." He smiles.

"I don't want you to forget your past. I want you to expand on it. In a way that would make both you and me happy." I tried coming up with the right words.

"And for that I respect. I only want whats best for you." He added as he hugged me. Holding me in his arms. I fell in holding my grip around him tighter and tighter.

"Hey. . . Knock, knock" my mother intrudes as I let go of Elias's touch.

"Hey mommy" I smiled as Elias smiles over at my mother. Elias carefully kisses the side of my forehead as he makes his way out stopping at the end of the bedroom door as he looks over at me.

"I fixed something up for you," Elias smiles as he shuts the door leaving my mother and me in the room.

I questioned as I glanced over at my mother who smiled immensly.

"What?" I asked my mother confused.

My mother makes her way ober to the back closet as she pulls out a white dress. Stunned by my expression.

I literally almost fell over. The dress me and Elias got that was teared up a bit was now washed and fixed up. As if it was once brand new again and the rip and stains from the fall have been replenished.

"How did you do it?" I asked joyfully as I made my way over to the fabric.

"Lot of work. But Elias did it for you. You said you wanted it." She smiled.

"How'd you tear it up so badly. it looks like you fell off a cliff or something!" My mother laughed.

I grinned as I ignored her ironic quote.

"I slipped in the woods. I was running with it and I shouldn't have." I laughed back.

My mother glares at me with her laugh still frozen on her face.

"Well... It's clean now." She jumped in to say.

I smiled and nodded as I held the white fabric in my hands.

              My mother had me walking outside towards the party as we all laughed and talked. Around the fort was beautiful. Tall white lights and candle lights were set up around the dinner table. There was a bit of a drizzle outside. But I was thankful enough that it wasn't pouring.

             Shyla made her way up to me as well as her husband as they both hugged me gently.

"I can't believe it's really happening Kaylen." Shyla smiled as she hugged me again.

"You can say that. I had no idea that today would be my daughters wedding. Maybe if we were notified a month or two early at the latest we would be more prepared." My mother laughed.

"It was last minute. I should have told you earlier." I exclaimed as I hugged my mother. "But it's perfect so there was no need." I continued to oblige.

Shyla smiled as she held my hand, bringing me over to our dinner table.

"Hey be careful with my hairdue!" My mother argued over.

"I will momma!" I laughed as I sat down at a table with Shyla, Elias and Mavis. A couple of old friends from work including Alexis and Heber.

"Alexis!" I smiled as she stood up to give me a hug.

"How long has it been now!" She smiled as she hugged.

I sat over by Elias with his hand in mine as I peaked around the party. I saw some familiar faces from my childhood and never would have I ever thought for some of them to show up. Including my uncle and aunts. I looked around for Aron knowingly enough he wasn't here. I wanted so much to call him but he never answered.

Uncle Merwin came up as he smiled.

"Well if it isn't my little pumpkin bear" He laughed.

"Omy gosh!" I yelled out as I hugged him.

"I haven't heard that name since I was twelve when I was around you. How long has it been!" I laughed as he stood next to me.

"Too long Kaylen. It's been way too long." He added.

"How did all of this come about. How'd you get here who called?" I asked so surprisedly still.

"Your mother called last night. I had no idea you had someone special right now. Where was my invitation!" He joked.

"I know, I know it was last minute sorry!" I joyfully announced as he hugged me once again.

"You've gotten older" I joked out.

"Ha!, That's what life does. You grow older and you die" He laughed.

I eyed him with his response.

"You still have a long time before that day" I smiled.

"Yes but it's coming. Surely and slowly" He responds abruptly.

"Well... I'm dying too. Aren't we all!"  laughed.

"Haha, Hey I think your mom's calling you" He smiled as he pointed over to my mother.

"Yeah, she is" I smiled as I peeked over to the house nestled in the grove of rainy Washington.

I made my way over to her as she hugged me immensely.

"You ready?" She asks.

"Yeah, I think so." I smiled. "Where's dad?" I questioned.

"He... I don't know where he is exactly. But I know this much. It's your day. Don't worry about anything." She smiled.

"What!. No, where is dad!?" I argued now.

"Hunny.. he's -" She continued to say until she was interrupted.

"Not right now" Mavis exclaims as she comes in to hug me in comfort.

"Mavis go sit down," I argued.

"Not until you do Kaylen. I will not allow this arguing. Dad's been being a bitch like he always is. Please come sit down and do not worry about him." She said as she helped me to the white cloth table.

"Since when did you care, Mavis?. You've been gone for god knows how long." I argued as I shoved myself from her comfort.

"She's just pissed about dad" I heard Mavis from behind me say to my mother.

I sat down back in the seat as Elias wrapped his arm around me. I wanted so much to throw his arm off of me. It was my wedding day but yes I was pissed. So much about my father not being here on one of the most important days of my life. And I was also so pissed about Aron not texting or calling me back. What the hell is wrong with people?  I thought.

I sat there thinking and just thinking as the time went by. It finally cleared up. But skies were still dark and grey as always. Without the sun to ever be seen.

I sat in the upstairs room as it started raining again. Waiting for me to be called out. Saddened to not have my father with me. Who was going to walk down that isle with me. I really needed him here with me.

An older gentlemen. One of the servants at the mansion knocked on the door as I sat down.

"Mrs. may I cometh in?" The older gentlemen said.

"Yes sir" I smiled as he opened the door. And there stood a taller older gentlemen dressed in white with a black lavishing looking scarf.

"Sorry I was just. - "

"Crying?. But on thou art wedding day?" He added.

"You're very formal.." I added. "Why do you talk like that?" I asked in mystery.

"I've hadst an expensive education. In England I wast hath taught to speaketh and act formal." He added as he sat down next to me.

"So like Shakespeare?" I laughed.

" Aye a gross amount like Shakespeare, mine father toldeth me that gent wast the king of love. For a gross amount of mine life I wast hath taught to bethink and act like that gent. To mine father that gent wast everything. " He responds as his grey eyes stare into mine.

"He must have a lot of meaning to you.." I added. Trying to configure his language.

He smiled and continued to ask. -

"Is that gent not treating thee right?" He asked as he places his older cold hands on mine.

"Elias?" I asked.

"Fear me your meaning escapes me his name. But thou art soon to beest husband" He says.

"Oh. . . Well no he is actually treating me just fine. That's not it. You see. My dad isn't coming to my wedding today." I sorrowed.

"Wherefore is that?" He asks.

"I'm sorry?" I added confused by his informal response.

"Wherefore is that gent not coming?" He asked again.

"Oh why is he not coming?. I don't really know. Honestly he is just... My dad. Doesn't care much about anyone but himself." I responded.

"Forgive me for asking. But wast that gent abusive to thee and thou art family. forsooth to me that thee art crying that that gent is not hither. But in thy family I can see both hurt and loss. I see a monster behind the veil of thy loved family." He asked as he sat next to me.

"I'm afraid that is personal. But in a way he was. He wasn't really a nice man. But he grew up differently in his family." I tried explaining.

"Whether the sir wast evil or not. How that gent hath grown up should has't not determined his fate for disrespect towards women. That is a personal choice that needeth to beest resolved his that gent and his heavenly father." He explains in his lavish tone and thought.

"You're religious?" I asked bringing back his response.

"I wast hath taught religion as a issue. mine father at each moment toldeth me religion wast the key to life" He responds as he itches his white beard.

"I see, your father seems important to you. If you don't mind me asking. You always talk about your dad. But what about you're mother?" I brought the the thought up.

"I nev'r kneweth that lady. Mine father hath said that the lady hath kicked the bucket at which hour the lady wast sixteen. The lady hadst me at fifteen years fusty. mine father and mother wast very much in love. That gent at each moment hath said at which hour thou has't a rose. To maketh sure that rose wast at each moment taken care of otherwise the lady would slowly loose that lady medals. Mine mother hath lost hers to early ere that gent could water that lady." He cried as he looked down to the floor.

"Well I bet your mother was an amazing person." I smiled.

He nods as he stands up.

"Methinks now is the time" He smiles.

"Oh..." I smiled. I peeked out the window to see everyone standing and ready to go. My mother came in smiling.

"Are you ready?" She smiled.

"I think I'am" I whispered and grinned. Feeling prepared.

"Thy daughter is a very special and quite quaint lady." He places his hand on my mothers shoulder as he walks out.

"Thank you Alexandre" My mother smiles as he paces out.

"You don't need to ask," I explain as my mother carefully shuts the door.

"No in a matter of fact I do. I do because you are my mother and I love you so much. It's you're wedding day and you seem sad, why." She asks as she tilts her head softly.

"Are you having second thoughts about marrying him?" My mother asks.

"It has nothing to do with him. Or the wedding. I just... I always imagined my dad next to me when I got married. Hand in hand as I walk down the isle. But my dad isn't here." I griefed.

"I know and he will get what he deserves." My mother explains.

"No mom. No more fights!. I can't have you and dad fighting." I brought up.

"That's not what I meant." She responds as she makes her way up next to me to hold me in her arms and to have the comfort of her there with me.

"I meant... He will get what he deserves. When he realizes you were worth so much more then he could ever imagine. I know that because unlike him. I wouldn't give anything in the world to miss this day. I love you. He is missing out." My mother smiles.

"You really think so?" I asked as a few tears fall shortly unto the ground.

"No, I know so Kaylen," She grins as she carefully wipes my watered eyes with her fingers.

"You don't want to mess up your makeup. So...Let's put this all behind us. And put on the happiest expression. And show him that you care. Because you do. Show everyone out there that you matter. Because Kaylen... you do." She smiles.

I tried smiling as I started crying more. My mothers hands now against my cheeks.

"I love you," My mother expresses.

"I love you too," I cried as I hugged my mother as strong as I could. Close against me.

* * *



        I paced carefully out the doors. The rain falling ever so slightly. The clouds roar in the misty air as the wind blows against the flowers. I tried putting a smile on still feeling my childish fears. Today was perfect as it should be. I made it that way as I looked around to see Alexandre smiling from the back. I smiled back as I looked over to my left. And there nestled in the grove of the forest was my uncle and my aunt. Above them was Elias's friends Everett and Violet. I smiled at Violet as she looked over at me and smiled back. Next to Violet was another man I have never met. He kept his arms around Violet. She must have a new boyfriend. I thought. I looked around as I saw my grandparents. I hadn't seen them here yet everything was going so fast. I paced down the aisle more so as the flowers breezed in the cold windy sky. The rain ever so slightly stopping as I neared the altar. I looked closer to the front to see my mother. Mavis, Shyla and my brother sitting in the same row with Josh's girlfriend Karen next to him. Apart from the other side of the aisle was Elias's mom. And a couple of other new faces I haven't met. Two other guys and a girl next to her. I smiled at them as they looked over at me. I paced more down the aisle as I saw familiar and unfamiliar faces. Here for me and my wedding. I looked down to the floor and at my dress softly. It was beautiful now that it was fixed up. And last but not least I look up as I neared the altar to see Elias standing in front of me. And a man next to him in the back. I smiled as he reaches his hand out to me. I carefully place my hand in his. Elegantly with every small touch. Now. Face to face with him.

The man spoke the words as we both look deeply at each other.

" Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today in the presence of these witnesses, to join _______ and _______ in matrimony commended to be honorable among all; and therefore is not to be entered into lightly but reverently, passionately, lovingly and solemnly. Into this - these two persons present now come to be joined. If any person can show just cause why they may not be joined together - let them speak now or forever hold their peace."

I stare intently at him as I remembered the pasts. As I remembered the good times and forgot the bad times. And patiently I wait as the man continued to speak.

"You may speak your vows," Says the man to Elias.

 "I, Elias Hanes, take you Kaylen Stone, to be my wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do us part." Elias stares intently into my eyes.

 "I, Kaylen Stone, take you, Elias Hanes, to be my husband, my friend, my faithful partner and my love from this day forward. In the presence our family and friends, I offer you my solemn vow to be your faithful partner in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad, and in joy as well as in sorrow. I promise to love you unconditionally, to support you in your goals, to honor and respect you, to laugh with you and cry with you, and to cherish you for as long as we both shall live." I tried to say struggling with my lines. I was never good at this stuff. But with practice, I knew.

 "I Elias Hanes, take you Kaylen Stone to be my wife, my partner in life and my one true love. I will cherish our union and love you more each day than I did the day before. I will trust you and respect you, laugh with you and cry with you, loving you faithfully through good times and bad, regardless of the obstacles we may face together. I give you my hand, my heart, and my love, from this day forward for as long as we both shall live." He smiles.

"I do". I carefully said as he leaned in to kiss me.

I held onto him tightly. Arms around him as he wraps his arms around me. And slowly but surely the sun shined through the clouds as everyone got up and applaud. I smiled as I looked over to my mother in joy.

* * *

     "You ready?" Mavis asks as she and Shyla come up to hug me.

"For what?" I smile as the moon shines through the dark grey clouds.

"For what!?, the honeymoon Kaylen!" The exclaimed as Mavis starts bursting out laughing.

I laughed as well as I looked at the crowd. Everyone enjoying the party.

"I think I'am. You know where he is taking me don't you?" I asked sparking up another smile from Shyla.

"I don't. But I know Mavis knows." Shyla says as she laughs.

"Ha!, Ha!" Mavis exclaims as she folds her arms.

"I know more then you would think Kaylen." She exclaims.

I looked down to the ground as she says that. Acknowledging every word she said and still trying to configure what happened today.

"I guess I'll have to find out myself" I smiled as I looked up at Mavis.

   Mavis smiles as my brother and his girlfriend Kaylen come up to congratulate me on the wedding. I hug my brother intensely as more people come up to congratulate. It was a bit overwhelming.

"Elias!, get over here so I can get a  picture!" My mother exclaims as she grabs a thick coat for the weather.

"I'm here!" Elias laughs as he makes his way over to me to kiss my lips.

I kissed him back as I interlaced my fingers in his. I looked up to smile as I see my family and my friends smiling over at me. My mother took the picture as I saw tears fall down her face.

"Oh, mom" I cried as I made my way to hug her.

"Oh, darling I'm okay. But you should probably put these clothes on" She smiles - still tears dripping down her lovely face.

"It's for you. You're plane leaves soon. So you should probably get it on" She smiled as she handed me over the bag. I peeked inside to see a beautiful pink dress. It was a chic high waist pink chiffon skirt. Laced with white ribbons.

"It's absolutely stunning" I exclaimed as my mouth drops.

"Yeah, it is. But it would be even more stunning if you went to go put it on." Mavis laughs as she stands over next to Everett and his daughter Violet.

"Mrs. Hanes, shalt I escort thee up to thy dressing room?" Alexandre smiles as he makes his way down his beautiful porch steps.

Woah!. I'm not used to that name... my name just changed... I thought to myself with a grin.

"Yes sir" I smile as he takes my hand.

I look over at Elias and smile at him as he makes his way over to me.

"I'll just wait for you out her" He winks as he leads me up the stairs.

I paced upstair as Alexandre left me in the dressing room.

"Alexandre?" I ask.

"Aye Mrs. Hanes? " He responds.

I smiled as I looked back up to him.

"I just want to say thank you. For the wedding and the set-up. I loved the turnout." I smiled as he opens my door to let me in.

"lest I very pleased that thee enjoyed t. if 't be true thee needeth any holp on thy honeymoon trippeth. Elias hath left me thy phone number. thee can text or calleth me at which hour thee needeth." Alexandre speaks.

"Oh, he did now?. I will definitely keep that in mind." I smile as I walked into the dark lit bedroom.

Alexandre turns on the light, still dim in the room. He smiles as he shuts the door to leave.

      I smiled as I let my hair loosen up in curls. I curled it carefully as I undressed. The dress was really tight. But it was stunning. There were no sleeves. I was going to be really cold when I walked out. Knowing the weather in Washington. It was almost nine thirty. It was very dark outside. The moon was full and bright as it shined upon the pines of the forest. I stare at myself in the mirror still taking in the moment from today. As I stood in front of the mirror I looked down at my fingers to see a now ring on one of them. Beautiful as it was. It was the most beautiful ring I have ever seen. And it was here. On my finger. I smiled as I choked out a laugh and cried as I looked at myself in the mirror. I smiled again as I looked deeply into the mirrors and through into my dark blue eyes. I smiled as I left downstairs holding my once torn wedding dress. Now completed. Alexandre holds on to my wedding dress as I made my way down his luxurious stairs. Stopping near the bottom to see everyone in the house clapping and smiling. I smiled back as they complicated. I came up to my mother once more to hug her immensely.

"I love you, mom," I exclaimed as she hugged me.

"I love you more. I wish dad was here to see you." She smiled as she kissed my forehead.

"It's okay" I smiled.

I looked over at Elias as he took ahold of my hand. We made our way to the front door as Elias readied the car door. Violet came up to hug me as Elias got everything ready.

"I wish you and Elias the best. I'm very happy for you Kaylen" Violet smiled as she hugs me again.

"Thank you, Violet. Hey, I remember back when you didn't like me." I laughed knowingly she wouldn't have been offended.

"Ha, ha!. Me! - I don't think so" Violet laughed as another man came up to stand next to Violet.

"So is this your boyfriend Violet?. Can't say that I recognize him" I exclaimed.

"It actually is. And really? He was at the party that night when you came to hang out with us." Violet smiles.

"Really?" I asked confused.

"Ha, I'm Nathan. You probably don't remember me. I was that friend that wanted you to hang out with at his house. You looked like you were going to punch him in the face" Nathan chokes out.

"Oh. Yeah, I remember that.." I embarrassed as I looked down to the ground.

"Don't worry Kaylen. I would have done the same thing" Violet laughs.

I laugh too as I came up to hug her again.

"You be careful now" She smiles as I backed up.

"You too Violet. Talk to you later" I smiled as I made my way over to the black car. Elias let me in as he shut the door softly. I looked over at my mother who smiled once more. How everyone smiled.

The car was really nice and warm. I smiled as Elias looked over at me. He smiles as kissed me. I kissed him back as he started the car. Slowly pressing the pedal.









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