Paper Crown.

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  • Publiceret: 25 sep. 2017
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Blood. The world is filled with blood. That blood flows down the rivers after the war of the gods. Only a few survivors build up the world again. But this world is a dictatorship by an order. This order has a weapon called the "Paper crown." This weapon has no one seen and survived.


12. The six immortals

"Sit still." Nel'soruz said as he healed the three companions:
"That man was a monster," Giri said:
"His called The Maniac after all." Nel'soruz said:
"The maniac?" Laque asked.
"You new around there parts. Around the labyrinth, so you might not have heard of them. But there six people in this maze who rival the existence of the paper crown itself. They are known as the six immortals. All of them have their own title and respected area of the labyrinth they walk around in. The one you just meet was Donzu Doruzao Diageno better known as the maniac." Nel'soruz explained. Sifis nodded:
"I see. So there five other people in this maze who rival that of Donzu?" Sifis asked:
"Six if we include The paper crown." Nel'soruz said. The three of them nodded:
"So who are the others?" Giri asked:
"In all there are-" Nel'soruz said as he stopped healing the three. They already too full health again:
"The maniac, The lady, The army, The knight, the Assassin and the Gambler" Nel'soruz explained:
"The knight?" Giri asked:
"The lady?" Sifis asked:
"The army?" Laque asked:
"Easy now. I don't know much about the five others since I usually hang around only the Maniac area." Nel'soruz said:
"So they have their own areas?" Giri asked:
"Yeah. The six of them are so powerful that they could maybe destroy most of the labyrinth around them. So they have their own area. They don't want to mettle with each other. The only one walking around is the Paper Crown but most of them avoid The Paper crown since they don't wanna fight it for some reason." Nel'soruz said:
"I see," Giri said as he stood up:
"I have no sword. So I'm practically useless." Giri said:
"There a town in this direction." Nel'soruz said pointing in a direction:
"What kind of town?" Giri asked:
"Its called a neutral town. It's a town where all races live. We found out how to create a replica of the walls there keep out Paper Crown. So we can make a neutral city. Come now." Nel'soruz said.

In another part of the labyrinth:
"Run!" A man shouted as he ran. His friends were already pinned up the walls getting crushed by an invisible force.
"Barrier. whip!" A girl soft voice said. A blue light shot forward and crushed the man to the ground. A girl's foot stomped on him:
"Barrier." She said. A blue sphere surrounded her and crushed the man under her:
"Run!" Another man shouted:
"It's the lady!" The man running at his side said. The figure turned up her head and smiled:
"Labyrinth wall." She said. A giant blue wall came up the ground and trapped the two running away. It was like one of the labyrinth own walls. The lady then rushed forward and kick one of them. The one kicked broke in two. She blinked and impaled the other one with blue spikes of barrier:
"How nice." The lady said with a giggle before she turned around and walked away.

In another part of the labyrinth:
"Human transformation." A man said. Three humans appeared and then transformed into cannons:
"Fire." The man said. The cannons fired and hit a small group of people. One of the cannons turned into a lion. The man landed on the lion and moved quickly towards the small group:
"Human transformation." The man said. He suddenly had a lance and a whip. He then whipped the group and impaled one of them. The man landed on the ground and all the weapons then morphed back to humans and flew back into his body. He looked up as his red eyes shined. Behind him was an army of red eyes hidden in in a fog of power. He kept walking forward as one man survived:
"I need to warn the others. The army is here." The man said before he passed out.

In another part of the labyrinth:
"Try again!" A smooth male voice said. A sword broke as a man with a rapier rushed forward and impaled a man with his sword. He kept moving quickly around using Zerro:
"Swing!" A man shouted. Two men swung their sword at the same time. The smooth male stabbed the ground with the rapier. The ground broke apart and swallowed the two men:
"Behind..." The smooth man said and turned around cutting off a man head:
"Yeaar." The smooth man said jumping a bit on the spot:
"Damn...Damn the greatest swordsman...Damn you, knight!" A man shouted rushing forward. The rings on the man finger glowed up and suddenly there was a razor-sharp whip in his hand. He threw the whip forward. It whipped at the man chest and impaled his chest. 

In another part of the labyrinth. A scream echoed in the dark area. There no sound suddenly. A man was crawling on the ground trying to stay low and not make a sound:
"She is here." The man whispered. Suddenly he felt a pain in his back:
"Yeah, I am." A dark cold girl voice said. He had a sable through his back. She then turned around and whipped her fingers. Thorns shot out of her things and impaled a man on the other side of the area. The man impaled begin to foam from his mouth and then fell to the ground. The girl moved quickly through the shadows like she was a fog of shadows. She opened her mouth and unleashed a fog of poisonous gas. The gas moved through the area and suddenly you heard man after man fall. She then walked forward:
"Damn you...." A man said grabbing her leg:
"Hm?" The girl made a sound as she looked down at him:
"Damn you Assassin...Damn you and your gas..." He said low before dying. The women just kicked his hand and walked off. 

In another part of the labyrinth. The sound of cards being shuffled is only heard other than the heavy breathing of a man. The man is sitting in a chair and in front of him stands a man shuffling cards. The man left eye was hidden so you could only see the red glowing eye to the right. He softly stops shuffling the cards. There was a table and the man was stuck in the chair by magic. Around him were other chairs filled with corpses:
"Red or black?" The red-eyed man said:
"Black." The man said scared:
"Wrong." The red-eyed man said turning to reveal the three of hearts. The chair suddenly begins to glow as a spike shot up from the armrest impaling the man in it:
"ahhh!" The man screamed in pain. The red-eyed man didn't smile at all  but just began to shuffle the deck again:
"Red or black?" The red-eyed man asked:
"Black..." The man said in pain:
"Correct." The red-eyed man said as the chair let go of him. The man got up from the chair:
"Now to the next game." The red-eyed man said:
"Next game!?" The man shouted:
"Yes..." The red-eyed man said board:
"No!" The man shouted and began to run. The red-eyed man grabbed a dart from his breast pocket:
"Die then..." The red-eyed man said throwing the dart. The dart pierced the fleeing man. The man died on the spot:
"Well. Let's close up." The red-eyed man said putting the chain back in his pocket as the table and chairs vanished:
"See if I can find someone else to Gamble with..." The man said walking away.

Back at the old place. A man was sitting on the side of the wall:
"My fellow people. My fellow immortals having fun. I can sense it." Donzu said as he smiled. He was moving his finger back and forward. Down under ham hang five people in the air. Like they were hung in nooses:
"Giri...Will you follow one of us...Or become one of us...That is truly the question," Donzu said as he looked down at the neutral city. He clenched his fist and the five people head got cut off and their body fell down to the ground. Blood spilled from their body as Donzu slowly stood up and walked in the air. He smiled as he walked:
"There something on its way. That something will shake the whole world as we know it and that something is known as Giri." Donzu said as he dropped down from the air. He landed on the ground light as a feather and then just kept walking. The five people body dragging after him. 

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