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  • Publiceret: 29 jun. 2017
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En samling af essays og andet lort, en del som man kan finde på min computer under mappen prætentiøse rants. Det er ca. halvt engelsk halvt dansk, so sorry bout' dat, men min hjerne er rodet.


6. the american dream


The American dream is a beautiful concept. The idea that you make your own happiness and that only you are responsible for your own success is a nice one, but it is flawed.

It is my belief that working hard can only get you so far. The structure of the American society allows you to climb, but not without pushing others down.

I think that it is basic human nature to take care of each other, and in a sense, I don’t think the American dream allows that. To make our way to the top, we must kick and hurt and fight only for ourselves, even if we in that fight must let a bit of humanity go.

This dream, that is so glorified by so many, will force us to make a choice. Do we want to sacrifice our integrity and push people down as we claim to the top, or do we want to stay down but keep our kindness?

I think this is a horrible choice and one, that many aren’t qualified to make. It is easy to say that you don’t care about material things until you might be without them.

In Denmark, we have a society in which we take care of each other. It was planted in socialist concepts, the fruit of which, feeds many. This might be why my views are as they are, the environment you grow up in does tend to shape you, and the environment I grew up in is very different from the American one. I think that we in Denmark value our dreams higher than financial security, contradictory to what they do in America. This might seem counter intuitive, but it does make sense!

In Denmark, we have a security net to catch us when we fall, but if you fail your dream in America, do you even have anything left?

The American dream is a nice dream, but no more than that. It cost so much to achieve that you might wonder if it is worth it. 

- en hektisk engelsk time

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