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  • Publiceret: 29 jun. 2017
  • Opdateret: 2 jul. 2017
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En samling af essays og andet lort, en del som man kan finde på min computer under mappen prætentiøse rants. Det er ca. halvt engelsk halvt dansk, so sorry bout' dat, men min hjerne er rodet.


4. a her

Something moves inside her. It isn’t a him, that she knows, but no more. Her heart is small and human and fragile. It’s won’t cooperate with her head. Her chest fill up her eyes with light that speaks of revolution and when you look into them, you see that she is wise, but she is just at the beginning. She is young and confused, she doesn’t yet see what she is. Coal so heavy it could burn forever lies in the bottom of her stomach, and when the small heart sparks, it lights a fire that reaches to her chest and warms her whole being. Her body is fresh and young and filled with power, and it would be privilege for you to know it. To feel her soul, that isn’t just fire, but also earth, water, air, life, space, magic, other universes and things that she doesn’t even understand herself, that you must work for. Because it is precious. 

Girls are fucking precious.

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