A Captains guard

He is more important than any of us. Everyone knows that. From the oldest veterans to the pure innocent Shinnie fresh from Kamino. Part of my job is to protect him, at any cost. I will lay down my life for Captain Rex!


3. The Court

Been in here for four days. Barely spoken to anyone, but they are probably busy looking out for more of my boys trying to pull the same stunt as me. I lean against the wall and count to holes in the wall upside me.  I can hear Punch and Sketch mumbles further down the corridor. They came here two days ago. Trying to defend Kix and Rex. Doing my job. A sigh escapes my lips and eyes shutting. “Abandon blood. I’m running dry. My hearts been beating all time. Helping this broken live another night. Battlecry, it’s damage done. Who has lost and who has won? Who will be there when my life support is gone?” I know that song by heart. Something I shared with Hardcase, Kix, Swell and Backfire. When we just were five young shinnies back at Kamino.


“All right boys. Up against the walls.” “And please be quick.” I know those voices. Commander Fox and his boys. The Coruscant Guard leads Sketch and Punch away while the commander steps into my cell. “Lieutenant Jesse.” I turn around and face the wall. Suddenly I’m pushed up against it. “Watch it!” “Sorry sir.” Seems I still have some support from on the homefront. I follow them out of Resolute and finds my captain in a heated debate with the other four commanders for Coruscant Guard. “Seems Stone and Ponds is busy.” Commander Fox follows my line of sight and rumbles. “You guys are too damn loyal to each other.” He mumbles, but the words hold no anger, sounds that he rather admires it. “Hard not to.” My voice is low, but he can hear it. “Jesse!” My brother and captain comes over followed by Ponds. “Rex, Kix.” Kix gives me a once over and Rex looks tired, no beyond that. “The generals wants to see them, now.” Commander Fox pushes me forward and I obey.


The corridors s white and holds no painting or anything colorful. I can see the backs Sketch and Punch. Both looks over their shoulders and sees me. “Just fight for what you believe in. Rex might be the captain and Appo among the oldest, but you are the shield for them.” Commander Foxs’ words surprise me and I look at him. The doors into the court opens and a gentle push forward leaves me standing with the two others from 501st. The generals and senators are sitting and waiting. I can see a few generals I know. Behind them is the Field Marshall Commanders. Cody, Bly, Bacara and Neyo. All four meets my glance and gives a small nod. I have their support in this matter. The supreme councilor stands on the pedestal and looks down at us. I moves forward until I stand before him.  “Clone Lieutenant. You are accused for attacking the admirals. Anything to say?” His words are cold and I feel my two brothers step up behind me. “The admirals were harassing my captain after a mission there left scar on all of us.”


A mumble runs through the senators. “Prof!” yells one and I snarls. “Witness!” Punch moves behind me and I press my left leg against him. “I call forward the commanders from 212th, 104th, 41st and 327th!” My voice is clear. Bly and Cody steps forward. Wolffe and Gree enters from a side door. “Lieutenant Jesse speaks the truth. The captain is weak and running himself to an early grave, but this man helps with fighting us and making sure that Rex gets rest.” Cody speaks for the seniors and I can feel relief run through my muscles. My eyes locks onto the councilor and his is hard. “Lead him away. This debate is not for their ears. I turn around and leads my younger brothers out. Sketch and Punch tries to catch my gaze, but right now I’m beyond pissed. Commander Fox leads the way away from the court room. My boots lands hard against the floor. Every muscle is tense and eyes never resting one place. “You will be free, but you also need to stay low.” I know he means well, but a snarl break through. “Your general will fight for you, with the help of at least for Jedicouncilors.” “Maybe.” He sends me a warning gaze.


Our barracks is filled with our men and some from the other legions. I spot Sinker and Boost from Wolffes boys. Several from 212th and a few from 41st and 327th. “See.” Fox smiles and I spot four red helemts. “Fox..?” “Yea. Stone dragged the others down here.” I might say that my two other brothers, now dead, was under the Coruscant Guard. As the oldest of the five there were, they told me and since staying on good foot with us. “He didn’t..” “He wanted. Him and Thire was ready to call in some help.” I nod. With help, he means Sergeants Skirata and Vau. Both some of the best trainer when it comes to us Clones. Skirata has the Nulls. Vau the Alphas and Deltas. I find my captain surround by the ARC in 501st. My feet carry me over and he looks at me halfway. “Sir.” I give a salute and moves behind him. “What?” “Not decided. The commanders are one my side. And so are those.” He follows my gaze towards Stone and his group, Fox now has joined. A slap on my back and suddenly arms around my chest and waist. Hardcase and Kix I realize. “You di’kut!” Kix hisses and slaps my head, when he stands infront of me. Rex and Appo stands to the side with a smile over their lips. What I hope is water spills over me. Drenching me to the skin. I turn around with murder and amusement.

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