A Captains guard

He is more important than any of us. Everyone knows that. From the oldest veterans to the pure innocent Shinnie fresh from Kamino. Part of my job is to protect him, at any cost. I will lay down my life for Captain Rex!


2. Problems

The guards look at each other than at me. “He was put on another ship.” One of them mumbles. My wrath shows. I slam him up against the wall. “What?!” My voice turns into a roar. He chokes for air and his friend seems nervous. “The order was to take him away when we could.” My hand releases the younger Clone and I turn around to stalk back to the barracks. This is going to be hard. My feet carry me to the mess where I find the batchbrother to the clone who is missing. Tup looks up at me with hope and I really hate to break the news. “Sir?” Tup stands, but I wave him down. “You better sit down for this.” My words are strong, but holds a sorrowful note. Tups sits down and leans on Fives. I take a seat across them. “How is Dogma?” Fives asks for his friend. “He never made it onboard Resolute.” “What?” Tup jumps to his feet. I follow and take a hold of him. His whole body shakes. “They took him onboard another ship. Away from us since they knew we would keep him safe.” Tears begins to run down his face. I hold him into me and he hide his face in my neck and clings to me. Fives looks mad, but also sad. His hands rests on Tups waist. “I will sort this out.” I rumble and he nods a little. “Fives. Take him back to the bunks.” I turn our younger brother over and disappear out of the mess. No doubts that he will end in the GAR prison. Commander Fox could be very understanding, so maybe Tup will have a little chance to see his brother before Dogma was shipped home.


“Lieutenant.” A voice cuts through the air. I turn and gives at sharp salute. Commander Cody along with Wooley. “Sir.” “Something on your mind, soldier?” Out of all the CC we are closest to Cody. Him and our captain know each other back to their days on Kamino.  “Might be. Remember Dogma?” When the commander nods my eyes turns cold. “He never got onboard Resolute. Leaving his batchbrother on the edge.” “Batchbrother?” “Tup. Rex tries to get batchbrother to stay together. Our newest Shinnies in Torrent since Echo and Fives.” “Walk with me.” I follow him and if you look good you can see I’m a little broader than him. “Thought to contact Fox?” asks Cody and nods. “He will be understanding.” He hums and we end at the door to Rexs quarters. “Watch out for him. The is a hard hit to Rex.” While he speaks we can hear yelling inside. “Rex!” Cody overrides the door and we enter. My blaster is up and what we see is shocking the admirals is standing across Rex. Their focus is at us and from the deep of my chest a snarl is coming. “Jesse.” Too late. I jump forward one of them gets a fist to the face. The others jumps back and begin yelling again while I beat the admiral under me. I only see red. The next thing I know is that someone is holding me back. “Easy lieutenant.” Boost and Sinker then. The generals are confronting their admirals while the medics is dragging my victim away. “Jesse. This is not good.” Commander Cody stands in front of me. Commander Wolffe takes over for his men and looks my arms behind my back. “Put him in the brig.” I’m dragged away, but my eyes locks with Rexs for e few seconds behind his medics. What now?

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